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Part of speech: Suffixes

Part of speech: suffixes
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There are many endings of words (known as “suffixes”) which are associated with different parts of speech. Here are some examples:

Part of Speech Suffixes Examples
Nouns -ance appearance, performance, significance
  -ence dependence, existence, reference
  -tion definition, distribution, organisation
  -sion conclusion, dimension, tension
  -ment assessment, employment, environment
  -ure literature, procedure, structure
  -ity clarity, identity, majority
  -age advantage, package, percentage
Adjectives -ant important, relevant, significant
  -ent consistent, dependent, evident
  -ive effective, informative, productive
  -cial beneficial, commercial, financial
  -tial essential, influential, residential
  -ous ambiguous, obvious, serious
  -ic dramatic, economic, specific
Verbs -en strengthen, tighten, widen
  -olve involve, revolve, solve
  -ide coincide, decide, divide
  -ise generalise, organise, revise

It’s important to note that these are general patterns and there are many words which do not follow them. For example:

initiative (noun), mention (verb), sudden (adjective), statistic (noun), ensure (verb), wooden (adjective).

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