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Lesson stages
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Lesson stages

watch video demonstrating planning lesson stages
Now you’re going to watch one stage from a primary teacher’s lesson. You will see the teacher doing some activities to prepare them to read a story called Silly Sally. As you are watching the lesson, I’d like you to think about why the teacher decided to do these activities before the learners read the story. Would you like a story? Yeah! Yes. This story is Silly Sally. OK, let’s say it together, Silly Sally. Silly Sally. Look here, everyone.
Now, this is Silly Sally. She is somersaulting, now. Yeah, somersaulting, [SPEAKING KOREAN] in Korean. Anyway, let’s say it together. Silly Sally. Yeah. She is Sally. Her name is Sally. And what is she doing, now? She’s jumping. Jumping, or tumbling? Somersaulting [SPEAKING KOREAN]. And look here– Anyway, now, look here. She is right side up, or upside down? Upside down! Right side up, or upside down. She stands– yeah, she stands right side, right side up? No. Upside down? Yes! Yes, right. And she is like this– Tumbling. Like this, OK? She is very cute, and very foolish, or a little bit silly. So she is Silly Sally. Let’s say it together, Silly Sally. Silly Sally. Wow.
First of all, let me show you some more cards like this, here and here– here.
How many cards? Three. Three cards, three pictures, yes. Three picture cards. And you will see these pictures from that book while you’re listening to it. And then you have to find the order. The order means [SPEAKING KOREAN] in Korean, right? Yes. Where is the first, where is the second, where is the last one? Right? I don’t know. I don’t know, either. Who can guess which is the first?
Come here. Put the order. You guess. What is the first? Here. Here? Yes. Yeah, here.
Good guessing, good guessing. Let’s check it out together. While you are listening to the story, you have to check it out, OK? Yeah.

The lesson plan templates in step 1.7 were broken down into stages. Watch the video of one stage in a primary teacher’s reading lesson, which comes just before the learners read the story. As you watch, think about the questions below:

  • Why did the teacher do these activities before the learners read the story?
  • What stages do you think came later in the lesson?
  • What activities do you give your learners before or after a reading activity?

A note on classroom video

The classroom videos in this course are of real teachers taken in real classrooms. When commenting on classroom videos, aim to be constructive and specific and remember that the teachers in the videos may also be taking part in the course!

Want more ideas?

For a variety of activities to do before or after a reading activity, as well as reading tasks, click on the link below.

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