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Flashcard activities

watch video on flashcard activities
You’re going to watch three teachers using flashcards for different activities. As you watch, think about the purpose of these activities. Why have the teachers chosen to use flashcards in each case? What’s the purpose of each activity? The learners you will see are primary aged. Consider whether you could use the same techniques for older learners or if you would adapt them. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Point. Point at the right card. Point, point, point, point, point. OK, you have to ask me, what did you do yesterday, 1, 2, 3. What did you do yesterday?
I went to the zoo. [SCREAMS] OK, one more time. One more time. OK, so point it, point it. Now pick it up. Just point it, OK. Ask me 1, 2, 3. What did you do yesterday? I played computer games. [SCREAMS] Wow, great. OK, now you have to pick it up. [INAUDIBLE], OK? Yeah. Yeah, pick it up. Ask me, 1, 2, 3. What did you do yesterday?
I played basketball. [SCREAMS] Great, great, excellent.
Please come, OK. In your group you can play a game, the missing word, like this, OK. This group, close your eyes. Close your eyes. This group close your eyes. I’m going to take one word away. I’m going to take one word away. I’m going to take one word away. And please tell me what is the missing word. Open your eyes. Who knows? Raise your hand. What is missing? What is the word that is missing? Hen. Hen, very good, hen. You get one point, your group. Understand how to play this? OK, one more. OK, close your eyes, one more, one more. Close your eyes. Close your eyes.
Open your eyes. Open your eyes. House. House, yes. You get one point. OK, now you go back to your group and play this game like this. OK, go back to your group. [INTERPOSING VOICES]
You say close your eyes first. Close your eyes. [INTERPOSING VOICES]
[JINGLING] Attention please. Yes. listen to me, OK. For you listen to me. I want to say one number. And you run, find the number, and show it to your friend.
OK, attention please. Are you ready? Yes. Yes. OK, now please find 12. [SCREAMS] Yes. Is it 12? Is it 12? Is it 12? Yes. Is it red? Yes, please, the winner is orange group. [CHEERS] OK, and get star, 100. OK, give applause to orange group.

Flashcards are commonly used in teaching. Watch three teachers doing different activities with flashcards and consider the questions below.

  • What is the purpose of each activity?
  • How do the flashcards help the learners in each case?
  • The learners in the video were children. Can you use flashcards with adults too?
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