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Giving clear instructions in English

watch video on importance of giving clear instruction in English
Now you’re going to focus on the importance of giving clear instructions. As we discussed in the last step, the aim of instructions is that learners understand the activity that you want them to do. It’s therefore really important that we give clear, concise instructions. In this video, you’ll watch a primary teacher giving instructions for a bingo game to review sports vocabulary. As you watch, notice the techniques she uses to ensure that learners know how to play the game.
Thank you. OK. This is 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. Tell me, what is the first word? What is number one? Bat. Number two, baseball. One more time, baseball. Good, number 3. Men. Now, so how many words? Ten words. Here, how many boxes? Nine. So I want you to choose nine words and write it– write them here. OK? OK. Good. Now do it please.
OK, now look here. How many boxes? Six. Six? Nine. Nine. So if I say ‘bat’, then you circle ‘bat’. If I say ‘umpire’, then you circle ‘umpire’. And then if I say ‘mitt’, then you circle ‘mitt’. Now you have one line. Is one line bingo? No. No, how many lines? Three lines. Three lines. OK? I want three lines to say bingo. I want the first person. OK? So if you have one, two, three, you have three lines you have to say ‘bingo’. OK? OK. Only one. First one. OK? If you are number one, then you have a sticker, are you ready? Ready. Good. James, are you ready? No? Go, go, go. Who’s going to draw the number? OK Kevin.
What number? 26. Who’s 26? OK good. Say a word, say a word. Bat? Base, base can you say. Circle ‘base’ boys and girls circle based. Can you say ‘base’? Good. OK who’s going to draw for me? OK good Sam. What number? English. 18, 18. Who’s number 18? Kiki? OK, say a word.
Mitt? Yes? One more time. Mitt, mitt. Want to draw? OK. Number– what number? Five. Who was number 5. Again. OK, Again, try again, another number.
Who is 14 who is.

Now let’s focus on the importance of giving clear, concise instructions in English, so that learners can understand.

Watch the video of the teacher setting up a bingo game, and consider these questions:

  • How does she get the class’s attention? Do you do something similar?
  • What techniques does the teacher use to make the activity clear?
  • What resources does she use to support her instructions?

Want to know more?

You can download tips for giving clear instructions by clicking on the link below.

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