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Different ways of grouping learners

watch video on grouping learners
On the weekend– on the weekend– weekend– Weekend. Saturday and Sunday– during Saturday, Sunday, yeah. On the weekend– [SPEAKING KOREAN]– on the weekend I– I play basketball. What did I do? I played basketball. On the weekend– mmm. I played the piano. OK. Good job. Very good. It’s your turn. Who can do it? Who can do it? Who can do it? You? Really? Here. Come here. And show one mime to your friends. Yeah. Anything. [SPEAKING KOREAN] [INAUDIBLE] I played basketball. Ah, you played baseball. Is it right? Yes. Good job. Very good. Oh, great. Excellent. Excellent. You try it? Can you try it? Come here. Come here. Here. Wow. Show us.
I played computer. Yeah. You played computer games. Is it right? Yeah. Yes, right. Good job. Very good. Everybody, clap your hands twice. OK, now let me divide you into two groups of each team. One, two, three will be A. One, two, three, you will be B. A, B. And one, two, three, you will be A. One, two– –two, three, B. OK, A– team A stands up. Team A stand up. Team A stand up. Yeah. Team B, your friends in the team B, watch them very carefully. Team A member, discuss each other and choose one mime. Choose one mime, and show the mime to the B friends, OK? Do you understand it? Yes.
And then you have to guess what they did yesterday. OK? And then you have to ask them ‘What did I do yesterday?’ OK? Listen to me. What did I do yesterday? What did I do yesterday? [SPEAKING KOREAN] Oh, [SPEAKING KOREAN] You have to guess, OK? And you didn’t. Yeah. Yeah. Show us. Show a motion to your friends. Wow. What did I do yesterday? [CLASSROOM CHATTER] Good. Good job. Very good.

As a teacher, you have different choices of how to group learners, or interaction patterns.

Whole class The class works together. They may be led by the teacher, or the teacher may give instructions and allow them to work independently
Groups Learners work in groups of three or more, perhaps with a group leader
Pairs Learners work in groups of two
Individual Each learner works alone

In every case, the teacher will monitor what the learners are doing.

Now watch the video of a teacher as she divides her class into groups.

  • Why do you think the teacher chose to do this as a group activity?
  • What techniques did she use to assign the groups?
  • Would you do the same or something different with your learners?

Share your ideas below.

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