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Acknowledgments and suggestions

Here, you can find information on the material used for this course and suggestions on where to find more about epilepsy.
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Here, you can find information on the material used for this course and suggestions on where to find more about epilepsy.

The main contents of this course can be found in: Parsons, M. W., Hammeke, T. A. (2014). Clinical Neuropsychology. A pocket handbook for assessment. American Psychological Association.

The case described throughout the course refers to the diagnosis and treatment of a real person with epilepsy. The name of the patient is fictional due to privacy concerns.

Please, find below some additional articles on cognitive and psychosocial consequences of epilepsy:

As has been highlighted throughout the course, epilepsy has psychosocial consequences and the community might often be called on to support people with this disorder. It would be helpful to know about some associations open to everyone which provide basic information about the disorder and give help to whoever needs it. Below you can find three links:

If these associations are not in your country, you can search for the nearest to you on the Internet. In case you cannot find any and you need help, we invite you to contact your general practitioner, who will be able to help you.

In this regard, if you have any additional information, please contribute to this map with the local associations in your area. This may help other people!

If you don’t have, or you don’t want to use, your own gmail account please use: – password: epilepsy2019

© Università degli Studi di Padova
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Understanding Epilepsy and its Neuropsychology

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