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Welcome to the course

Watch Claire introduce the course.
Hello, my name’s Claire, and I’d like to welcome you to Exploring English Food and Culture. I’m so glad that you’ve joined us. Maybe you’re here to improve your English. Maybe you want to learn about British food or maybe you just love food. Well, you’re in good company. This course is all about cooking, eating, buying, and growing food and the everyday habits and customs that revolve around food. You will find out how British people eat, cook, and talk about food. Over the four weeks of the course, you’ll hear people talk about what they eat, where their food comes from, and how they cook. And you’ll also watch them cook some classic British dishes and we hope try cooking them yourself.
In all our videos, you’ll hear real everyday English from all over the UK. And every week, there are opportunities to develop and practise your English. Look out for the language focus steps and quizzes. But most importantly, we want you to join the conversation by telling us what you think and replying to other people on the course. We believe that talking about food brings people together. And we’re looking forward to hearing about you and the food where you live. Get started on this step by writing a comment to let us know who you are and why you’ve joined this course.

Watch Claire introducing the course and talking about what’s in store for you over the next four weeks.

Explore contemporary UK food culture

The course looks at the role food plays in UK culture. You’ll hear from people living inside and outside the UK, talking about eating, cooking and food shopping. Each week you’ll discover the answers to some of the questions below:

WEEK 1: What is British food?
Discover popular traditional and international dishes, and find out about the link between immigration to the UK and the vibrant restaurant scene.
WEEK 2: Changing habits
Find out how eating habits in the UK have changed and learn about the rise of veganism and ‘grow your own’ culture.
WEEK 3: Shopping and cooking
Learn about where British people get their food, and who does the cooking in UK families.
WEEK 4: Special occasions
Find out about sweet food that British people love, and food that people eat at special times of the year.

Experiment with your cooking

Each week one of our team will show you how to make a traditional British dish. You’ll have the chance to share your own favourite recipes from your country for others to try, too.

Improve your English

Throughout the course the discussions and tasks will help you practise your English with other learners on the course. Look out for the ‘Language focus’ steps to learn more about the real English you’ll hear in the videos.

Live events

There’s also a chance to interact live with the team this week, find out more here.

Need some help?

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Introduce yourself

Now you’ve met us, we’d like to meet you. Post a comment below, telling us:

  • Who you are
  • Why you joined the course
  • What interests you about UK food and food culture

Read what other learners have said, then post a short comment of your own to tell us about yourself.

Your progress

Don’t forget to mark each step complete. You can check your progress by clicking the ‘Progress’ button at the top of the page. This tells you what percentage of the course steps you’ve marked as complete.

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Exploring English: Food and Culture

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