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A flip flex only flexagon

Watch to learn how to fold a flip flex only flexagon

Scott Sherman realised that flexagons can be built according to the flexes that you want to do. This makes flexing much easier to learn.

A characteristic of all the following flexes is that they mix colours, so don’t be surprised when you get mixed-coloured states at the end of your flexing.

This is also the reason why we use the term “states” instead of faces. It is a general term, accepting the fact that only some of the leaves on a face are changed with different colour leaves when flexing, while the others stay put.

Below we explain how to make a flip-flex-only flexagon.

How to fold a flip-flex-only flexagon

Fold the flip-flex-only flexagon by following these instructions:

  • Download the file below (template number 5 in the flexagon booklet) which has the templates for the back and front of the paper strip that will be folded into a flip flex only flexagon
    (Credit: Scott Sherman for research and educational use only)

Important – there are two templates on each side for two different versions of the flip flex only flexagon. You can choose either – or both!

  • Print the templates using a colour printer
  • Cut out the shapes.
  • Glue together the backs and the fronts of the flexagon, so that the paper strip is printed on both sides.
  • Crease the paper along the dashed lines, back and forth, so that the paper is flexible and easy to work. If there are solid lines on the template – cut along them.
  • Fold the adjacent 3’s together and then fold the paper strip into a hexagon
  • Tape the first and last dashed edges together, and that’s it!

Practicing the flip flex

Watch the video again to practice the flip-flex! It will take some time to learn. Here is a step by step image of the manipulations needed to make the flex. You might find this easier to follow.

The flip flex, step by step

You might want to take a look at the flip flex explained on Scott Sherman’s website in the related links below.


Do you have any questions about the flip flex only flexagon?

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