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Live Stream 2: Review of Course Content and Genetic Genealogy

Explanation of how to join the week 6 Live Stream for the course Genealogy: Researching your Family Tree
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On this course, learners will have the opportunity to ask the educators particular questions through live events called Live Stream. These events also allow the educator to recap over the previous week.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Owing to the present COVID-19 lock-down conditions in Scotland the usual campus-based studio sessions via YouTube Live have been replaced with home-broadcast Zoom Live sessions. These should be fairly straightforward to access, however technical guidance is provided further below.
This session will be in two parts. In Part 1, Tahitia will discuss how you can take your genealogy education further and will explore family history projects to do while staying home and keeping healthy. In Part 2, we will discuss the content of the course so far and the developments in the ‘What’s in a name?’ story. Graham Holton will attend the session and will focus on answering your DNA questions; we will consider DNA questions put forward for the cancelled session on the 20th of April so no need to resubmit those.

This Live Stream event will take place on Friday 3rd April 2020 with Part 1 at 15:10 BST, available live via Zoom; Part 2 starts at 16:10 BST and is also live via Zoom.

We encourage you to ask questions and comment on the week’s topics during the Live Stream, and we’ll select the most popular ones to respond to during the event.

How can I ask a question?

There are three ways you can do this:
  1. You can leave your question or comments on this step in advance. We hope to include some of these in the discussion – please ‘like’ the comments you find interesting to help us choose the most useful ones
  2. You will be able to send questions and comments during the event by submitting them in the Zoom chat window.
  3. You can follow and add to questions and comments on Twitter using the hashtag #FLgenealogy or sending a message to @FLgenealogy.

What happens if I can’t watch the Live Stream?

Don’t worry! Realtime participation is not a mandatory part of this course, but it is fun and we think you’d get a lot out of it. A recording of the discussion will be made available soon after the live event finishes in Step 4.17. You can still make a contribution by leaving your question or comments on this current step in advance, and we may include some of these in the discussion.

Will loading the Live Stream mean I appear on camera?

No, you will just watch the Live Stream like any other video.

Is a Zoom account required to view the Live Stream?

No, you can watch the Live Stream without a Zoom Account; once you have clicked upon the relevant Zoom meeting URL above you will have the option of either downloading a small piece of Zoom Client software or continuing via your internet browser.

Testing your computer setup

It is a good idea to test your computer setup for Zoom using this link:
This will enable you to join a test meeting and check your internet connection, audio and video (although your own webcam won’t be activated for the actual meeting itself).

Not sure what time the Live Stream will happen in your area?

This Time Zone Converter can tell you what time the event is on at in your part of the world.
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Genealogy: Researching Your Family Tree

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