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Patient safety technologies adapted in pharmacy

There are various technologies adapted in pharmacy in order to promote patient safety.
In TVGH we also develop mobile app for chemo-drug administration After nurses set up the drug pump rate for chemotherapy they can connect mobile to the pump and recheck the pump rate We have built up national Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting System in 1998 which can collect the pan national ADR data Although it can only report by paper format Several years ago to facilitate the reporting process we developed our homemade ADR reporting system It incorporated with patient information and medical related information to provide a friendly reporting interface to let ADR reporting in a sufficient way We also build up our own Medication Error Reporting System to manage Medication Error Information for further education application and support the policy to prevent similar type of Medication Error happened again In terms of clinical pharmacy services the Clinical pharmacist staffing is well correlated with the quality and outcome of patient care In TVGH we also have the Strongest service team in Taiwan!
There are about 40 clinical pharmacists to provide good clinical pharmacy services Clinical pharmacists participate in ward round of each ICU and various specialties The clinical pharmacist cooperate with physician to take care of in patient in 22 different specialties They also sit in Doctor’s clinic in a collaborative way Every week our clinical pharmacist goes at least once to the clinic We have anticoagulant clinic and organ transplant clinic running by clinical pharmacists They also participate in outpatient clinics provide medication consultation and patient education To maintain our quality and medication safety we developed online medication error and ADR reporting systems In particular the home made online ADR system can auto-generate ADR report to facilitate the reporting efficiency The pharmacy department organize the hospital drug safety committee and hold regular meetings to discuss ADR cases from hospital perform root-cause analysis and draw up improvement measures We also remind our hospital staffs by publishing drug bulletin and alert letters
The pharmacy department also establish more than 20 monitoring indicators related to medical quality to assure the quality and accuracy in pharmacy practice As you can see we use routine microbial testing report from aseptic room to ensure the sterile environment for the compounding of Total Parenteral Nutrition We also follow the acceptance rate of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring to see if the suggestions on clinical pharmacokinetic services are appropriate These indicators will be reported to the hospital patient safety committee monthly and reviewed by several hospital auditing and accreditation bodies The outcomes of our auto-checking system is significant Through the efforts we have made in the above mentioned practice what we have achieved Let me show you an example In the year 2015 through auto-checking system among 15 million prescribed drug items we avoided near 37 thousands inappropriate event In the same year we have extremely low un-prevented dispensing error rate In clinical pharmacy services from the statistic of the service volume they are the evidence which showed we have made significant impact on medication advises pharmacist run clinic and patient educations Our well-established and outstanding pharmacy systems in Taipei Veterans General Hospital have won numerous awards and we are willing to share our experience and resources to our pharmacist colleagues not only in Taiwan but also other countries

There are various technologies or systems adapted in pharmacy in Taiwan. In this video, Director Chang will introduce several examples and the outcomes.

  • National adverse drug reaction (ADR) reporting system
  • Medication error reporting sytstem
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