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The GPP training programs in Asia

International GPP training programs provided by Taiwan
In February 2016 the president of Indonesian Pharmacist Association Mr. Nurul visited Taipei Veterans General Hospital for a whole day field trip Later in the same year Indonesia experience a shocking issue on fake vaccine This case has become national headline since mid-July 2016 In September 2016 the FAPA Foundation GPP expert group was invited to join the Indonesian Pharmacist Association conference in Yogyakarta Indonesia This is the first step for our GPP working group to implement GPP overseas In this annual meeting the FAPA Foundation expert give lectures specifically focus on the need of Indonesian pharmacists especially in hospitals about the recent fake vaccine and mal-distribution and mal-administration of medication cases In addition they also visited several medical care facility in Yogyakarta area At the same time Indonesian Pharmacist Association also hosted a collaboration meeting with FAPA Foundation to discuss based on the mal-practice incidents the proposal of improving pharmacy services in hospital through the implementation of GPP focusing on obtaining distributing administration and dispensing During the conference the association and FAPA Foundation signed MOU for further collaboration It is confirmed that FAPA Foundation expert will provide necessary assistant for Indonesian Pharmacist Association to implement GPP
Later in November 2016 the GPP courses committee held a forum in FAPA congress as usual the FAPA Foundation expert and GPP participant shared their experience action plans and outcomes for GPP training
In August 2017 to solve the fake vaccine issue the FAPA Foundation GPP expert group were invited to Bekasi city Indonesia They worked with expert from Indonesian Pharmacist Association advisory committee to create the GPP Consultant Team They worked together to set up the GPP Implementation Materials the policy and procedure template for 40 hospital in Bekasi City Through their collaboration the domestic 7 policy and procedure template were created Also the timetable for the implementation was also determined As you can see the left photo is the GPP Consultant Team members they work together to set up the GPP Implementation Materials for hospital in Bekasi City The right photo showed that on August 6th the GPP Consultant Team discussed withpharmacy directors from 40 hospital how to create the policy and procedure In October 2017 FAPA Foundation GPP expert group went to Bekasi city again In collaboration with the expert advisory committee of Indonesian Pharmacist Association They form the GPP Consultant Team again They divided into two group to audit the policy and procedure implementation in 8 selected hospital in Bekasi city After the auditing activity the implementation review meeting was held The Bekasi city governor pharmacy directors from 40 hospital and GPP Consultant Team all attended to review and discuss the outcome and barrier for the implementation This implementation action plan is still ongoing according to the timetable it is expected to be finished on February 2018 What are the current strategies for the GPP Implementation The first is to follow up the project in Bekasi city If it is successful the experience can be applied to other cities in Indonesia or other Asian countries The second is the MOOCs courses It is a convenient way to let more pharmacist or pharmacy students to learn GPP from the web For GPP scholarship awardee MOOCs will become the prerequisite for the on-site training And we will save more time to do more in-depth experience sharing on-site visit and discussion during GPP training Let me make a brief summary for this section Rome wasn’t built in one day Taipei Veterans General Hospital have spent several years to develop the sophisticated medication safety system It is vital to have good leaders with vision and down to earth to make the change in practice All the health care professionals including pharmacist should always keep in mind that the ultimate goal of the profession is to provide quality care for patients The evolution of practice need time leadership and hard work From the 6 years experience for GPP training keep updating and make change are important to accommodate trainee’s need The programs have become a good platform to improve collaboration and experience sharing in Asian countries Hopefully all of you enjoy this section

Here is a report for the further information of fake vaccine scandal in Indonesia. In order to promote WHO’s GPP guideline in Asia countries, Taiwan has become an important GPP training center.

On-site GPP training programs have held for years. It’s based in Taiwan. All trainee have to fly to Taiwan. In 2018, we would launch the new MOOCs of GPP training. Now, you can learn online and don’t have to travel all the way to Taiwan. Of course, we still have the on-site training. We welcome you visit Taiwan. It will be more focus on site-visit and skill training.

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