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Four Ways to Practice Gratitude

Learn more about gratitude journaling, symbols, letters, and reflections in this video.
(soft instrumental music) Research tells us that practicing gratitude can help our happiness and wellbeing even when things aren’t going so great in our lives.
We’re going to share four methods that you can try. Gratitude journals, symbols, letters, and reflections. (soft instrumental music) Journaling is one of the simplest most common ways to practice gratitude. The idea here is that each day, you write down three to five things you’re grateful for. You can keep it simple, and just find a notebook you have lying around or buy a journal that comes with its own set of pre-made writing prompts. There are also lots of free apps you could try on your phone. Or, some people write things they’re grateful for on a slip of paper and then store them in a box or a jar that they decorate.
(soft instrumental music continues) You don’t always have to write down what you’re grateful for. Sometimes just taking a quiet moment to reflect serves the same purpose.
Some people like to carry something like a stuffed animal, a photo, or a piece of jewelry, anything that reminds them to be grateful. Whatever symbol you choose, use it to remind you to take a few moments to reflect on what you’re grateful for or what feels good and happy in that moment. (soft instrumental music continues) One simple powerful practice is to write a gratitude letter. First, think of someone who did something for you that meant a lot to you, or someone you’re really grateful to have in your life.
Second, write them a letter and describe in detail what you’re grateful for, about what they did, or why they mean so much to you.
Then give the letter to them. Research has shown that hand delivering or reading the letter out loud to them, makes it even more meaningful for both of you.
As you meditate, you focus on people you’re grateful for what you’re grateful for about yourself, and what you’re grateful for about your life. Punctuating each with a mantra like, “For this I am grateful.” Which method you try, doesn’t matter. What matters, is that you choose a way that works for you. One that you enjoy, and one that you want to stick with. The goal is to build a habit where you’re looking for and noticing all the good things as you move through your day. (soft instrumental music continues) You can be grateful for things that are small or big. The key with all these practices is to be genuine.
Whatever you try, we hope it helps create positivity in your life. (soft instrumental music continues)

We’ve talked about a number of ways you can integrate gratitude into your life. Learn more about gratitude journaling, symbols, letters, and reflections in this video.

Gratitude & 2020

You’ve made it to this point in the Teach-Out, so we know you’re open to practicing gratitude. At the same time, there’s a lot about the world right now that might drain and challenge us. The same can feel true when we’re facing something hard personally.

Even though gratitude is possible and can help in those tough times, be sure to give yourself some grace when you’re not up to the practice.

Which gratitude practice do you most want to try? Do you have any other ideas for bringing gratitude into your life that weren’t mentioned?
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