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Practicing Mindfulness: A Guided Meditation

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<v ->Feel free to make yourself comfortable.</v> So whether that’s sitting down in a comfy chair, lying down, wrapping yourself in a warm cozy blanket, just get in a position where you can feel nice and relaxed. And if you’d like to, you can let your eyes close or just gaze downwards allowing the focus to be more internal than external.
And start by taking a few deep, full breaths.
Really feeling the air coming in and going out
and welcoming yourself to this moment. If your mind is a little busy, that’s okay. Just reminding it, it can rest now.
Reminding it that there’s nothing you need to do or think about in this moment, you are free to be present.
It might help to feel your feet on the ground or notice your body in your chair.
Notice whatever surface is holding you up
and invite your body to relax into that support.
And now bring to mind someone who you care about, someone who brings you joy, connection.
And imagine that they are happy, that they’re smiling, that they’re doing something they love.
And considering that there are billions of people in this world and this person is in your life,
just allow that to sink in for a moment.
You can feel the gratitude you have for this person in your life.
And you might imagine the two of you connecting in some way, maybe a big hug.
Maybe you’re laughing together.
Maybe you’re walking, playing, hanging out.
Just imagine that connection between the two of you
and the love and appreciation that you have for this person.
See if you can feel it somewhere in your body. So noticing if there’s a lightness somewhere, a warmth
maybe in your chest or a smile starting to form on your face.
Soaking in these feelings of gratitude however they show up for you.
And if your mind wanders, no worries. Just returning it to visualizing this person who you care about
and feeling the connection and feeling the gratitude you have for them.
Imagining that smile on their face one more time.
Nice and then taking a nice deep breath
and checking in with yourself, noticing how you’re feeling.
Noticing the state of your mind,
any sensations in your body
and any emotions that are present for you right now.
And if you’re noticing any sense of peace or joy or positivity
and then letting that soak in for a moment.
And then when you’re ready, you can let your eyes come open or look up. You can take a stretch, a sip of water and welcome yourself back to the room. Thank you for practicing with me. I hope you have a great rest of your day.

We’ve just heard how mindfulness can make us aware of and grateful for the present moment.

Join Anique Pegeron, MA, RYT Mindfulness, Meditation, & Yoga Teacher, in a guided meditation to try out for yourself.

What was it like to do the meditation? How did you feel during the meditation and how do you feel afterwards? What did you learn from it?
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