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Tools and Commands for Rainbow Table Attacks

This video will discuss tools and commands for rainbow table attacks. Tools are all derived from the Rainbowcrack suite and include rcrack and rtgen.
Hello, world. I’m Zannid and welcome to the Hands On Password Cracking and Security course on Code Red. In this section, we will discuss rainbow table attacks. Today’s lesson will consist of the tools and commands used for the rainbow table attacks. So, the tools that we are going to use are all tools from the RainbowCrack suite. It comes with a lot of tools. One tool is called rcrack, which is the tool we use to crack passwords using rainbow tables. Another tool is called rtgen, which we took a look at in the last lesson. It allows us to create our own tables. Additionally, the RainbowCrack suite also offers more tools, like tools to sort and convert rainbow tables.
A big bonus from this tool is that it’s pretty easy to install on Kali Linux.
Before we can even start installing it, make sure you have all the repository lists in your source list for apt. To do this, run the command, grep -v ‘#’ /etc/apt/sources.list sort -u.
If not, edit this file as a root user and add this line at the end of the file.
Once you have done it, you can run
sudo apt update.
This will update the repository and the package that will be available to you.
Next, you can run the command, sudo apt install RainbowCrack.
Since I have already done it, there is nothing for my Kali installlation to add. But this will add a couple of tools, namely the ones we mentioned before, to your Kali installation. And that’s all for it. You can test out if you have the aforementioned tool by just running them.
If this works on your machine, you have successfully installed the RainbowCrack suite.
Now we are ready to go, which is exactly what we will do in the next lesson. We will take the tools we just installed, create a rainbow table, and use it to crack passwords.

This video will discuss tools and commands used for rainbow table attacks. Tools are all derived from the Rainbowcrack suite and include rcrack and rtgen. How to set up and install the Rainbowcrack suite is demonstrated.

These tools will allow us to set up our own rainbow tables, as well as additional tools, to sort and convert these. A big bonus is that these are all easy to install, as we will soon find out.

Over to you: Set up and install the Rainbowcrack suite and report back on your experience in the Comments section below.

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