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Who is she

Today we will learn how to use the interrogative pronoun 谁 shéi to ask about people’s name or identity, and how to use 的 de to indicate possession.

谁 shéi who is used to ask about the name or identity of a person.

For example

李月是谁?Lǐ Yuè shì shéi? Who is Li Yue

李月是我的汉语老师。Lǐ Yuè shì Hànyǔ lǎoshī. Li Yue is my Chinese teacher

的 de used after an attribute to indicate possession

我的 wǒ de my

你的 nǐ de your

他的 tā de his

她的 tā de her

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HSK Standard Course Level 1: 1.1

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