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How old is your daughter

Today we will learn numbers below 100, and how to express ages in Chinese.

Numbers below 100

You’ve got ten is 十 shí,and it is easy to learn twenty. You just need to say the number plus 十 shí, for example, twenty, it is two plus 十 shí, so twenty is 二十 èrshí.

10 十 shí

20 二十 èrshí

30 三十 sānshí

40 四十 sìshí

50 五十 wǔshí

60 六十 liùshí

70 七十 qīshí

80 八十 bāshí

90 九十 jiǔshí

23 it is twenty 二十 plus three 三, 二十三 èrshí sān。

How to talk about ages

“几岁了?Jǐ suì le?“ is used to ask the age of kids, usually younger than 10, if we want to know the age of a young person or someone of our own age, we can use another expression “多大了?Duō dà le?“

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