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The benefits of using Database as a Code

In this article, we will briefly describe how you can use the database as a code, as well as some of the benefits.

The database administration procedure does not need to differ from the practice of deploying Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

It’s worth mentioning that, in a DevOps lifecycle, the database can be treated as code for higher efficiency and fewer delays.

The database can be versioned

The database can be versioned the same way that applications can, and bugs can be easily reproduced. When treating the database as code, the configuration remains consistent, and drifts in production can be addressed by bringing it back to development.

Incremental changes

Increasing the deployment cadence of the database by making changes in small increments allows you to change a few scripts as opposed to a huge roll-up of schema changes that might result in time-consuming errors.

The configuration scripts can be treated as executable documentation because they are small enough that people can understand them.

Schema changes

Schema changes can go forward and backwards because DevOps provides the tools that will Diff with production and development to see if they are identical or not and identify what modifications need to be made.

Benefits of treating the database as a code

The main benefit of treating the database as code, as with IaC, is the suitability or the ability to go back and track the history of changes to quickly identify and address problems.

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