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Does Jobs Answer the Three Questions?

Does Jobs Answer the Three Questions?
So you have the three questions. Again why do we do what we do? What does success look like? And how must we act to ensure success? You’ve thought about those three questions with respect to your team and whether you’ve answered those questions sufficiently or whether if you’re a member of that team, if you’re clear on the answers to those questions. What I’d like to do now is revisit a video that we started with. This is Steve Jobs, again, remember, September 1997, approximately eight weeks after he rejoined the firm. We heard approximately the first two minutes.
Of his conversation that he was having with Apple employees, about where he saw the firm being today, in 1997, and ultimately where he saw the firm going. I’m gonna share with you the next segment of that video. And I want you to take these three questions and pay very close attention to what Steve communicates to his employees. And I want you to see if you can pick up his answers to each of these three questions.
So you just heard approximately seven more minutes of Steve talking with his employees, back in 1997 when he had rejoined Apple. What’d you think? Did you hear him answer each of the three questions? Was it effective? Why or why not? I would encourage you at this moment to go to the discussion forum, again around Steve Jobs and his vision for Apple, and converse with your fellow students, and hear what they say about his answers to those three questions. And offer your own perspective. Again, putting yourself in the position of an Apple employee. If you’re sitting in the crowd that day, are you clear about how Steve thinks about answering each of these three questions?
And ultimately how could you apply those same three questions to your teams, whether it be at work, home, in your social life, wherever it may be most relevant to you?
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