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Welcome back

Watch Dr Max Kelly introduce environmentalism past and future, and some potential pathways to resolve problems and create a more sustainable future.
OK. Welcome to week 2 of this course on sustainability and development. This week, we want to look a little bit at environmentalism. It’s not a new phenomenon. People have been concerned about our planet for generations. So we want to look backwards. We want to look at some of the lessons that we’ve learned from how we live on this planet. We also want to look at present, understand the issues that we currently have now and some of the opportunities. But we also need a vision of the future. To determine what actions we need to take, we need to understand where we want to go. We all have some strange visions of the future.
They’re easy enough to see through some of the films that we watch, those dystopian films that some of us love anyway, Blade Runner, Mad Max. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. If we don’t want to end up in that very dystopian future, what we need to do now? We’re going to explore some pathways to a sustainable future. And one of the key issues we’re going to look at this week is technology and human innovation. What can they offer us as a pathway to the future that’s much more sustainable? What can they offer us in terms of solutions to our current problems?

Start with a goal in mind.

Welcome back. This week we will focus on the questions:

  • What actions have we taken so far for sustainable development?
  • What actions may we need to take for a sustainable future?

To address these questions, we will:

  • investigate how real-world cases of interactions between human development and environmental life-support systems are/have been managed.
  • explore what might be, with a focus on the role of technology in shaping our future
  • examine the SDGs in more detail.

At the end of last week, we introduced the SDGs with a brief overview and initial discovery of the 17 goals, identified potentially important exclusions or omissions and your sense of priority.

Your task

Look at the SDG goals again now and identify the one goal that you believe to be the single most important SDG to bring about a sustainable future for humans. Which goal did you select, and why?

Read at least one comment from your fellow learners and reply with thoughts on their goal selection and rationale from your perspective.

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Introduction to Sustainability and Development

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