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Your educator, Jimmy Forster is about to introduce the course and will inform everyone of how these techniques are such a benefit to all sectors.
Jimmy Forster - Director Lean 6 Services LTD

Hello and welcome to the Introduction, to Business Improvement techniques. I’m Jimmy Forster and the Director of Lean 6 Services Limited. With over 30yrs experience in the manufacturing sector, I, together with my co-workers, have been using these tools and techniques for many years whilst improving our operational processes. As we will discuss later in the course, I believe everything we do is a process, whether we are logging into to this course, traveling to work or making a cup of coffee, all that we do is a process. So, by understanding and analysing our processes, we can always improve the way we do things. However, I would like to make something clear, although I have experience in manufacturing and these tools and techniques may have originated from the manufacturing / automotive sector, I want to stress that the tools and techniques discussed throughout this course can be applied to all sectors. I would like you to keep an open mind and think of your daily tasks and how these techniques can make work life easier for you and your co-workers. The benefits of using these techniques are (regardless of sector) to make your daily tasks ‘Safer, Easier, Better and Faster’, in the attempt to work ‘Smarter, not Harder’.

As stated in the introduction we have been using them in our homes for a long time, in the most simplistic form, think about where your kettle is in relation to our tea and coffee making ingredients; typically in the kitchen very close to each other, as is our coffee cups or mugs, and why do we do this, because it is easy and most EFFICIENT. Also, think about the location and set up of our cutlery, usually in a tray in a drawer somewhere in the kitchen, teaspoons, knives, forks etc all have their own place – therefore a place for everything and everything in its place – again to make things easy , accessible and easy to locate, even for those who are not familiar with the environment. So, all we need now is to transfer these habits from our home life into the work place.

Thankyou for joining the course and I hope you enjoy the content.

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Introduction to Business Improvement: Lean Six Sigma, Kaizen, and Problem Solving

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