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Exploring Useful Browser Add-ons for Firefox

In this video, you will learn about add-ons for Firefox.
So in Firefox, we can go over to the sidebar here, the three little arrows here. And then we’re going to go to Add-ons. Then in here we can start searching different add-ons. So we’re going to be pretty much grabbing the same ones. We’re going to grab HTTPS, and everywhere, and click on here. And I’m going to remove this so we can take a look at what it looks like to instal it. I’m going to do Add to Firefox, and then we have our extension here. So that’s going to run the same way as a Chrome counterpart. So I’m not going to go over that again. We also want to instal uBlock Origin. Again, that’s going to instal the same way.
And then Netcraft.
And again, that’s going to run the same way. And this is going to be a unique one for Chrome. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to type in containers.
And we want to grab this Firefox multi account container. So this is actually a pretty interesting one. So what Firefox Container allows you to do is it allows you to run the browser tabs in different containers. Essentially, it’s completely separate from every other tab on your computer. So if I go in here, I have Containers installed. And you can see, I have several different containers in here. So my personal container, if I click this, it opens up in a new tab. And you can see the little blue line in here. And let me zoom in a little bit more here. So you can see a blue line up here.
And what that’ll do is if I run anything in here, all the cookies are contained in that container, versus if I open another one. Say, I open up [INAUDIBLE]. Then anything in here is going to be in another container. Essentially, I can open up multiple Facebook accounts, for example. And each tab doesn’t know about the other tab. So I could have multiple accounts running at one time. So this is really handy for when you should actually separate out things. For example, I have this here, personal work. So anything, all the cookies and everything else is contained in the work one. The work one can’t see anything that happens, say, in the banking tab. So that helps isolate things down.
It’ll help protect your accounts and protect what you’re doing online. And that’s Firefox Containers. So these are some really useful browser extensions I do recommend. There’s a lot more browser extensions that you could find in both stores. So I do encourage you to go ahead and check that out also. So to wrap up, browser extensions exist for both Firefox and Chrome. There’s a number of useful tools that can help keep us safe and make life, in general, easier. I would stick to the store. Stick to the Chrome store. Stick to the Firefox store. There are other browser extensions you could pull from other sites. You do need to be careful about that, because it can be malicious.
That’s why, in general, I do recommend sticking to the Chrome store and Firefox store. So that was about browser extensions. In the next video we’re going to take a look at what Tor is, how it works, and how it could help hide your internet surfing. So I’ll see you in the next video. Thank you for watching.

In this video, you will learn about add-ons for Firefox.

The browser add-ons for Firefox are:

  • Https Everywhere
  • uBlock Origin
  • Netcraft Extension
  • Firefox Multi-Account Containers

Over to you: Install one or more security add-ons for Firefox.

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