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Why Backups are Important

In this video, you will learn the importance of backing up your data.
In this video, we’re going to go over why backups are important. First of all, why do we need backups? Well, this might seem like kind of a silly question, but it’s an important topic to go over. So let’s get into it. Any number of things could happen to you your data and your servers. Hardware failure– computers do die, hard servers die, hard drives go out, backup media gets destroyed, tapes get demagnetize, et cetera. Ransomware viruses are a very real thing, and they can either delete, corrupt, or encrypt your data. Fires, floods, earthquakes, or other natural disasters can happen. In scenario one, Florida city is going to pay hackers $600,000 to recover from a ransomware attack.
And that was because one employee accidentally clicked the wrong link. Now, this is a pretty hefty way to learn that you need to have a good backup methodology. Not only have a good methodology, but actually have good, verifiable backups. And we’re going to go into this in more detail next video. Now, if the city had a good backup system, one that followed the criteria that we’re going to go over, most likely they wouldn’t have to pay the fine– or not even the fine, the ransom. They could probably recover from it. They may lose a day, maybe a week worth of data.
But it’s much better than paying $600,000 to recover from a ransomware attack that might not even unlock your data. In scenario two, a user may accidentally delete a file, or in some cases, delete an entire folder that had important data. Now, you’ve seen this before. A lot of times, it’s not intentional. A user might accidentally click drag, delete the wrong file, folder, or sometimes, users will do it intentionally. Scenario three, your computer dies. You have an electrical surge that blows out your computer, blows out your server. Accidentally click the wrong file and delete your external drive files. Your computer gets stolen.
You get a ransomware attack, or there’s a fire, or a flood, or again, another electrical surge, a brownout that destroys your server, corrupts your data. So what did we lose? Did we lose days’, weeks’, or years’ worth of data? Was it irreplaceable information? Photos, documents, database information, client records, financial records, et cetera. Can you really afford to lose everything? Now, data backups save. They save downtime, they save money that you’ll lose by being down, and also, of course, they save your files. So wrapping up, not having a backup can be catastrophic loss to companies and individuals. Not having a backup can be costly. Ransomware can be a costly way to recover from.
And we saw that with the example of Florida. Data backups are easy, and they can save time and money, and, of course, your files. So this is all about data backup. In the next video, we’re going to go over what you need to back up three times. And this is going to be a more in-depth video about how to backup and good methodology. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you in the next video.

In this video, you will learn the importance of backing up your data.

Not backing up your data can have financial consequences, as you will learn from some scenarios presented in the video.

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