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Using Sudo

In this video, you will learn how to use Sudo.
In this video, we’re going to be talking about Sudo. Now as we already know, having a burner number can come in really handy for smartphones. It will help us deal with things like salespeople, online dating, and identity theft, and scams in general. So in the previous video, we took a look at a program called Burner. And Burner is a really excellent program. And if you forgot what it is, Burner essentially lets you create a Burner telephone number that you can make calls, receive calls, send text messages, and receive text messages. And when you’re done with that number, you can simply burn the number and generate a new one.
Now this program we’re going to take a look at here is called Sudo. Now Sudo is a program that’s currently on the iOS store. There’s also a web version and an Android version is in the works.
Sudo is pretty similar to Burner. There are some key features that are different. We can have multiple identities in Sudo. We could also send emails through Sudo, and receive emails, get voice messages. We can have little cards that can be used for identification. There is a secure browser in there. And also you can have a secure credit card in there. So let’s take a look at the program itself. So one of the things I like about Sudo is, again, we can have multiple identities in here. And those identities, we could create a name for it. We can create a little bit of information. There is a section there where we can put information into it.
So for example, I have multiple Sudo identities. One I use for when I sell things online. Another one I use for [INAUDIBLE].. Another one I use for people that I have to deal with, salespeople, and if I have to give them a telephone number, I give them that number. And the idea behind that is I’m pretty sure that if I gave a telephone number to a salesperson, that they’re going to either sell my information or it’s going to get leaked somehow. So when inevitably I start getting a bunch of spam emails or unsolicited phone calls on that number, I’ll just simply burn that number and generate a new one. So that’s why having multiple identities is handy.
And also in order to keep all that straight, in the identification part for Sudo, I actually put notes in there to remember what these particular Sudo phone numbers are for. So as we can see here in this section, I have text messages here. So Sudo does allow for text messaging. So one great thing about Sudo is if you’re doing a Google number and you need a verification, Sudo will be able to accept those verifications. Now what’s important to say is that voice over IP numbers like Burner, Sudo, Text Free and, whatnot, they use different types of services for how they get text messages.
So you may or may not get certain text messages, depending on how that company is handling those text messages. So you do need [INAUDIBLE]. It’s not just a problem with Sudo or Burner, it’s more of an issue of how these different companies are sending out the SMS messages. Things like Facebook, you’re probably not going to get the verification numbers on Sudo or Burner. They use a different system than what those two typically use. So let’s take a quick look at this program. So on the sidebar, you can do contacts, you can import your contacts, settings, plans. Again, this is a text messaging system. We also can get voice messages. And there’s also email features, so we can do emails.
And this is a secure browser, all built into the app. There’s also virtual cards, again when you can actually set up a credit card and spend money. Now there’s different types of Sudo. There’s SudoGo, there is a free version, and SudoPro. So what you get with these different services are number of phone numbers. You’re going to get how many email addresses you get, how many phone calls you can make, and how many text messages. And doing Sudo to Sudo, you could actually get unlimited. But if you’re calling people outside of Sudo or getting phone calls outside of Sudo, then you do want to take a look at one of those other plans.
But if you want to play around with it, I do suggest checking out SudoGo. Again, it will be pretty limited, but you’ll be able to actually go through and set up a free one and play around with it. So as we see here, if I want to delete the Sudo, I can delete that. Or I could hit the trash by the phone number and it’ll generate a new phone number for me again. Say if I’m done with whatever I’m using that telephone number for, I don’t need it anymore, I hit the delete button. It generates a new phone number for me and it can generate a new email for me. So again, really useful program.
So to recap, why use a Burner? It’s good for privacy. Having a burner can be useful in dealing with salespeople or other venues that may sell your information. Online dating, again, a burner number could be good for online dating. If you need to give out your phone number and you’re not sure how things are going to turn out, having a burner number could be a safe way to go. Again, if something happens, you don’t have to change your main telephone number. You won’t have to call your phone company, explain to them why you need to change your number, potentially pay a fee, and then going through and telling all your contacts, “Hey, this is my new telephone number”.
You can give your burner phone number out to different people to segment things out. So when you no longer need that phone number for whatever reason, you can burn that and everyone else will still have your real phone number. Online sales, again, when dealing with salespeople they tend to sell your information. So having a burner number is pretty ideal for things like that. Overall privacy, a burner number can help your overall privacy. So again, if we’re going with salespeople, if we’re dealing with things like Amazon or UPS or whatnot, or we give our phone number out for whatever reason. When our phone number gets compromised, when that data breach does happen, we don’t have to worry about it so much.
We have a Sudo number. It’s not our real number. We go ahead and delete the number, purge it, and not worry about it anymore. So again, overall a burner number, burner email, can be great for things like that. So this was all about Sudo. In the next video, we’re going to take a look at some additional things that are going to help secure our phones overall. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you in the next video.

In this video, you will learn how to use Sudo. Sudo is a program that creates multiple identities that can be used in different ways to communicate securely. Another program you can use is Burner, mentioned in some previous steps.

The major benefit of using Burner or Sudo is that it ensures the privacy of your phone number (for example, when dealing with salespeople).

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