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What’s important to you in an indie game?

This article covers the concept of indie games and who is making them and prompts discussion about what elements might be important for you.

So how are these games developed? Team sizes can range from a single person handling every aspect of a game, to hundreds of specialised developers in larger studios. Business models, philosophies, objectives and values are all hugely variable: some argue that “indie” has now become a useless label, as it’s largely used to describe an attitude towards the development process rather than a specific set of objective parameters.

It’s now relatively easy to access most modes of game distribution: platforms like Steam,, Google Play and the Apple App Store are open to all, for example. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo may seem less approachable, but all have outreach programmes for indie developers who are capable of making a viable console game. The barriers to entry are no longer arbitrary: if you can make a good game, you have a strong chance of being able to get it into the hands of the gaming masses.

If you’re thinking of making an indie game, then it’s worth taking the time to consider what’s really important to you:

  • What do you love about games that has compelled you to consider making one?

  • What were your formative gaming experiences growing up, and how have your tastes changed with age?

  • Do you like working within a large team, managing others, or taking on solo projects?

  • What do you think games need to do more? Conversely, what types of games are you sick and tired of seeing?

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Introduction to Indie Games

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