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Introduction to the week

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Human resource management is a strategic approach to business that is harnessed throughout the world. HRM champions their ideas of an organisation achieving success for its employees. With such a vast range of cultures using this initiative it has to be considered how HRM has adapted to meet a variety of needs. In this introductory course we will look at human resource management as a concept, a zero impulse business and international business, and how HRM practices alter in different regions throughout the globe. Additionally, we will explore further strategic approaches within international business and use them to critically engage and determine the effectiveness of strategic international HR.
This short course will delve into the dynamic world of HRM and will equip you to answer this
question: what is international HRM and why does it matter?

The globalisation of business has changed the nature of work and management across multiple regions. Going global has been great for business growth, but also confronts HR managers with significantly more complex global HR challenges.

In this first short course, we’re going to explore theories of human resource management from an international perspective and discuss the role of HR practitioners in managing global issues. We’ll also compare and contrast HR practices and challenges between different countries.

This week, you will:

  • Explore theories of international HRM
  • Identify the role of the HR practitioner in international business
  • Identify similarities and differences in HR practices between countries

Meet the team

Your lead educator on the course is Dr Hyun Mi Park, who is a lecturer in business and management at Coventry University.

You can follow her by navigating to her FutureLearn profile page and clicking ‘follow’. That way, you’ll be able to see all the comments she makes.

Your task

Introduce yourself to your fellow learners and share your thoughts on the biggest challenges in international HRM
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International Human Resources Management: An Introduction

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