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Stepping up to a difficult task

Watch how TADA International has decided to bring in some fresh thinking and has employed a new director of HR.
Good evening. First up TADA, International’s new Human Resources Director responds to the allegations of nepotism within their organisation. The world-renowned clothing and food retailer came under criticism last week after one of their long time employees Joe Bloggs came forward with her experience of injustice within the organisation. Ms Bloggs hopes that through her help in bringing this issue to light it will encourage others who have had the same experience to speak out against the conglomerate. Here is what Regina Spencer, the Human Resources Director for TADA, had to say about the recent allegations earlier today. Good afternoon, in my role as the new HR Director, I am here today to discuss the current criticism and scrutiny that faces TADA International.
The allegations that have surfaced from an employee within TADA has encouraged us as an organisation to reflect on our business practices and to identify the weak links in our operation. Following a new process of employment, has been in consideration for some time within TADA Industries. Despite the recent allegations, TADA is committed to promoting diversity which would be reflective of our employees and customers at all levels of hierarchies. However, we also want to assure our stakeholders and investors that while composing our boardroom their interest are and will always be our primary focus. With this in mind, I am confident that as the new HR Director of TADA I am the right candidate to ensure true change within the company.
From now on I will deliver more robust and effective hiring policies and will ultimately hire the most appropriate candidate, all whilst adequately diversifying and representing our workforce. To be an HR representative of one the most prominent conglomerates throughout the globe is a challenge to take on in itself, however, I want to assure the general public and most importantly the employees of TADA that this is a challenge I am fully able to undertake. I want TADA employees to feel valued and to be celebrated for their achievements. I am determined to create a fair, diverse and healthy environment for employees to work in. Thank you for your time.
That was newly appointed HR Director Regina Spencer on how she plans to change TADA’s human resourcing strategy for the better. We will keep you updated with any further developments.

Following on from the troubles that TADA International is facing, the company has decided to bring in some fresh thinking and has employed a new director of HR.

Regina Spencer joins a company that is not accustomed to changing its business practices. Not only that, but many of the firm’s more high-level people may not necessarily see why they should change their practices.

Your task

Regina clearly has a lot of work to do. Where should she start?
Rank five challenges you can see her facing as she attempts to improve practice within the company and share your list with your fellow learners.
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