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Turn your passion for wellness into a job

In this video, we discuss what will be covered in this course.
Welcome to this course about finding a fulfilling job in the wellness industry. This week, we’re going to consider the potential avenues of finding a job working for an exciting, innovative, values driven organisation, where you might leverage your existing skills, or gain a new skill set entirely. With everything you now know about the booming wellness industry, you’ll see that with the rapidly increasing number of new and innovative companies entering the marketplace, comes a myriad of job opportunities, across both traditional functions, like marketing, design, finance, operations, sales, or administration. And more nuanced, or wellness focused roles, like working for a company as a nutritionist, or a fitness trainer.
In this course, we’re going to focus more on traditional job opportunities, that you might find in other industries, as they relate to the wellness industry. The goal this week, is for you to really see that having a fulfilling career in the wellness industry doesn’t have to be a big, daunting, or overwhelming step to take. It can sometimes be as simple as looking at the skills that you already possess, and transferring them into a business, or organisation, that aligns more fully with your passion for, or interest, in wellness.
For example, if you already work in marketing, you might take those skills and apply them within a company that manufactures healthy snacks, or a digital startup that streams on demand fitness, or yoga classes. Throughout this course, we’ll provide you with insight into some of the practical steps that you can take, to reflect on your own skills, and how they may be immediately transferable. How they might need to be improved, or adapted. And how fundamental your personal values are, in evaluating what you want, from your career in wellness. This will enable you to prioritise your personal values as part of your job search criteria.
We’re going to explore some case studies, so that you can see the often non-linear path to finding your dream job in wellness. As well as the difference between a job change, and career change. Ultimately, you’ll begin to uncover just how many benefits there are, to working in an industry that you love, and that aligns with your own personal interests. For example, working in a team of like minded people. Fulfilling your passion. Focusing your energy on projects that promote health and well-being, and making an impact.
Plus, if you’re thinking about starting a business in wellness, or building a career as an expert, or practitioner, finding a job in the wellness industry using the skills you already possess, can be a powerful way to get started, to get some experience, and to surround yourself with the right people to motivate you. At this stage, don’t worry if you’re not sure what type of job you’d like to have in wellness. We’re going to dive into some of the specific types of jobs that exist in wellness, and how practically, you can tap into the networks and communities that exist in the sector, to create new opportunities for yourself, that right now, you may not even know exist.
So, let’s go ahead and dive in.

In this course, we’re going to consider the potential avenues of finding a job working for an exciting, innovative, values-driven organisation where you might leverage your existing skills or gain a new skill set entirely. In this video, Lauren Armes explains exactly what you’re going to learn over the next two weeks.

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Job Opportunities in Wellness

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