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How to define your personal values

Your personal values represent what’s important to you. They motivate you to live your life in a certain way and support decision-making.

Are you fulfilling your personal values?

You may find you are currently not fulfilling your personal values. This can be one of the factors that contributes to an inner feeling of unease or frustration and will be a driving force in your instinctive need to find a line of work that connects with you more authentically.

Here’s an example of how this could play out: If health and fitness is one of your personal values, working for a company that shares that value is rewarding.

On the flip side of this, if you work in an industry that is not in alignment with your personal health and fitness values, and/or in an industry completely unrelated to your personal values of health and fitness, then it can leave you feeling disconnected.

Another example would be if education and personal development is one of your core values, and is not encouraged by your employer, it can make you feel constricted and held back.

Some examples of personal values

Here are some common personal values and examples of how you might relate to them:

  • Family happiness: You enjoy spending quality time and bonding with family members.
  • Self-respect: You have a sense of personal identity, pride.
  • Generosity: You thrive on helping others, you want to improve society.
  • Competitiveness: You enjoy winning, you engage well with taking risks.
  • Recognition: You seek a sense of acknowledgement, and/or status.
  • Friendship: You value close relationships with others.
  • Advancement: You seek promotion (not just in your career).
  • Spirituality: You have a strong sense of religious and/or spiritual beliefs.
  • Health: You value mental and/or physical wellbeing.
  • Loyalty: You are devoted, and are trustworthy.
  • Cooperation: You work well with others and thrive in teamwork.
  • Responsible: You recognise that you are accountable for your actions.
  • Culture: You enjoy traditions, customs, and beliefs.
  • Adventure: You love new challenges.
  • Fame: You seek public recognition.
  • Economic security: You want a strong and consistent income stream.
  • Creativity: You thrive on being imaginative and innovative.
  • Integrity: You are honest and sincere.
  • Freedom: You require independence and autonomy.
  • Power: You seek control, authority or influence over others.

If you’d like to learn more about defining personal values, check out the Welltodo online course, below.

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