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Job change vs career change

In this article, we discuss the fundamental difference between a job and career change.
There are many avenues to consider when looking for your next career step. Let’s begin with the fundamental difference between a job change and a career change.
  • Job change: When you utilise your existing skills and experience but apply it to a different industry.
    Example: Sinead has a background in events management, working for large charities. She transitioned her job into the wellness industry taking a role as the Events & Partnerships Manager for a wellness media platform.
  • Career change: When you develop new skills or train to work in a completely new industry and job type.
    Example: Marion has a background in law, working for a large international firm. Her passion outside of work was yoga and spinning. She trained as a spin instructor and left her position as a lawyer to teach spin full time with a popular London boutique fitness studio. She also became the brand’s Commercial Director, utilising her previous skills and experience.
It’s worth keeping in mind that it’s not always a linear path to your ‘ideal’ career. Some people know whether they want a job or career change, and sometimes the process is very fluid. Let’s look at some practical steps to identify which path might be right for you.
Your existing work experience
Drawing on your previous work experience, start thinking about what areas of the job you really enjoyed, areas you thrived in, tasks you were often recognised for, and things you didn’t enjoy as much. We have a simple template to get you started, which can be found in the See also section (note, you can add as many jobs to this document as you wish and create more rows if needed). If you’re more of a creative/visual person, you could also consider creating a spider diagram, which can also be found in the See also section.
Looking at your completed table or mind map, what common themes do you recognise? Perhaps it’s highlighting that the industry is an area you want to change, but you love the core job responsibilities of your role. This indicates that a job change could be well suited to you.
Alternatively, maybe you’ve discovered that it’s the softer skills that you really enjoy, like teamwork and building relationships, but you aren’t fulfilled or excited about your core job responsibilities like creating budget forecasts, data entry, or re-stocking shelves. This suggests that a change in career is on the cards.
And lastly, the final piece of the puzzle: your passion. Do you light up when you walk into your favourite fitness studio? Do you get excited discovering new beauty brands? Are you eagerly learning all there is to know about nutrition to cook the most delicious and healthy meals?
These are just a few examples. The good news is that there is a place for you if you choose to change your job or career.
Let’s move on to the next step and meet someone else who transitioned their career into the wellness industry.
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