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How to Network Effectively

Learn more on how to network effectively.

Networking doesn’t come naturally to everyone so we’ve broken down some of the ways that you can reframe it so that it’s an exciting prospect, rather than a terrifying one.

How to Network Effectively

Preparation: the key to successful networking. This is all about knowing who you want to connect with, the type of person you’d like to connect with, and/or where you need to be to connect with them.

  • Be intentional about attending events, festivals, conferences, meetings. Think about (a) what you can get out of it, and (b) what you can offer.
  • Don’t turn up to an event or meeting unprepared without business cards, or without a clear objective of what you want to get out of it. In advance, research the person you are meeting or the type of people who’ll be attending an event.
  • Keep in mind your ‘why’. Why you’re networking. Why you’re looking for a new job. Why do you want to work in wellness? Lead with this in your conversations.

The next aspect of networking is the actual act of engagement. This involves the meeting, the discussion, the questions you ask at an event, etc. Here are some things to think about as you head into a networking opportunity.

  • Think about five things you can do to support others using your current skillset, and come armed with these as ways that you can offer your support. Networking is all about mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Be socially aware. This is really important. Be an active listener, be aware of the other person’s body language. Are they in a rush, do they have time to chat?
  • Ask questions. Since you’re looking to learn, not just be heard, ask questions like What do you think the best approach to ‘xyz’ is?
  • If you’re attending an event, assume that there will be an opportunity to ask questions and take advantage of that! Speak up, leverage every opportunity that comes your way.
  • Keep your original goal or intention in mind. Explain clearly and concisely what you do (or better still, what you’d like to do), communicate your unique selling point (USP) and what sets you apart.

Last, but certainly not least, follow-up. Here are a few things to consider with respect to following up on networking opportunities:

  • Did you meet someone and get their business card? Add them on LinkedIn, follow them on social media, and most importantly send a follow-up email to tell that person how great it was to meet. Your intention is to cement yourself in their mind as someone who is proactive, eager, and willing to go the extra mile.
  • Did you attend an event and discover a new brand that inspired you? Subscribe to its newsletter, visit its careers page, or research the founding team or senior management.
  • Reflect and take notes on your experience. Think about what you could have done differently, what you learnt from the conversation/s you had, and consider further action that you can take.

Let’s start networking

Who do you need to connect with to make your dream of working in wellness a reality?

  1. Make a list of 10 people who could make an impact on your professional journey – remember this could be a colleague, the marketing manager at your favourite brand, a wellness expert, friend etc.
  2. Next to each name, write down how this person could support your journey.
  3. Now add routes to connect with this person (step 1-15 should give you some ideas).
  4. Begin engagement. And remember, a career network isn’t built overnight! You might need to try multiple routes to connect with a person.

Here’s an example:

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