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How To Use Google Auto-suggest To Come Up With Keyword Ideas

This video shows how to use Google auto-suggest to come up with keyword ideas
<v ->Another method you can utilize</v> to find additional key words for your website is using Google’s auto-suggest feature. So Google has this feature, you’ve probably seen it before, you got onto Google, and you’ve typed in a word like, let’s say, ‘cake’, ‘cause we all love cake, right? And then Google has suggested similar searches to do with cake, so got ‘cake box’, ‘cake recipe’, ‘cake stand’, ‘cake toppers’, ‘cake tins’, and so on and so on. So these are all things people have searched for in the past, so we can actually utilize the suggestion box for our own key words to find additional key words you didn’t initially think of.
So if I go to our website, and see one of our pages, so services, hardwood is the top page, so I’ll just go this one as an example. The key word is obviously ‘hardwood flooring installation’, I don’t wanna copy and paste that keyword onto Google, because it’ll give me no suggestions. I wanna literally just start typing, word-by-word. So, I type in ‘hardwood’, I’ve got ‘flooring’, ‘timber’, ‘plywood’, and so on and so I type a bit more, that’s not enough. So we can see now we’re getting some relevant searches, we’re getting ‘hardwood floor boards’, which is a pretty good one.
I didn’t initially think of that in initial stages, and to be fair, it didn’t actually come up in any of our other keyword researches. So, again, really find a good keyword, so, make a note of this keyword and add it to the spreadsheet. You can continue to type now to find additional keywords. ‘Hardwood flooring’, I’ve got ‘near me’, I’ve got ‘underlay’, which could potentially be a good keyword. ‘Installation’, obviously one we know about. Let’s keep on typing. We’ve got ‘cost’, which is one we already know about. We’ve got ‘tips’, we’ve got ‘price’, we’ve got a ‘video’, so if people wanna see videos about it, could potentially make a video for our site, and satisfy that user.
Keep on typing, you can see getting the same ones, if I type in ‘richmond’. Keep on typing, I’ve got ‘best hardwood floor installers’, so again that’s another keyword. I’ve got ‘hardwood floor installers’, again, a different variation of installation. So you wanna rinse and repeat this for all of your services, so again, if I do ‘carpet installation’, if I type in ‘service’, you get a different variation. You could always type with one, I’ll show you a different idea as well. So if I typed in ‘carpet installation service’ as a different example, you’ll just wanna scroll down to the bottom of the page, and see ‘searches related to carpet installation service’.
This is where Google puts out additional key words which it believes are relevant. So again, I’ve got ‘carpet fitting cost’, that’s another keyword. I’ve got ‘carpet fitters’. Again, a different variation of installation is ‘fitters’, different word. I’ve got ‘carpet fitters near me’, ‘carpet fitting cost calculator’, so if people wanna know how much it costs to get the carpet fitted. So potentially, you have a calculator on your site and say “hey, for every meter you have in your house, it’s gonna cost you ‘x’ amount.” So you can get tons and tons of ideas so, it’s all about doing this rinse and repeat for all of your keywords.
The keywords you do find that are really good, you simply go ahead and add them to your spreadsheet and include them as part of your SEO campaign.

Following suit of our example, you own a plumbing business in your local city.

Comment below in the discussion box some keyword ideas you found whilst using the strategy shown in the video.

Remember, start off typing in the search phrase letter by letter to get the most ideas.

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