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How To Use Craigslist To Come Up With Keyword Ideas

This video shows how to use craigslist to come up with keyword ideas
Another method you can utilize to find keywords for your business is Craigslist. Craigslist can be a gold mine to find some keywords for local businesses. I’m gonna show you exactly how to do it. It’s very, very simple. So head over to Craigslist and then pick the city, which is where your business is located in. So for me, I’ll go to States, I’ll go to Virginia. And then I would go to Richmond. Once that’s done you’ll see Richmond at the front of Craigslist. So That just shows me I’m now searching Richmond for all of these services or for sale, for jobs. I obviously want services, which has to do with carpet installation, phone installation.
So I will click services, and then I will simply type in my keywords. So carpet installation. Which is right there.
Then you’ll see within seconds I’ve got a keyword idea professionally installed or repaired carpet and vinyl flooring. So the key word I could include is professional carpet installation. That’s the one I didn’t actually think of and then I see it in my other keyword research processes. So again, it shows you why it’s very important to cover every aspect of the keyword research to not leave any of these out. You’ll find a ton of keywords which can help you. That’s just one I found that you have in five seconds, if you keep scrolling down for more ideas, you’ve got professional power. I’ve seen that one already, got installation, I’ve got affordable, which is a different variation for cheap.
So affordable carpet installation could be a different keyword idea. So again, it’s all about going through this to find different ideas. So low price is a different word for cheap. So again, you can target low price. So this is really, really beneficial I wouldn’t advise skipping the Craigslist at all ‘cause some people see this and like, Oh, Craigslist can’t help me. And what you can actually do as well is you can branch out. So instead of targeting just Richmond, there’s no reason why I can’t target Norfolk or a different city for example. Just get different ideas because potentially people could be searching for these as well. It just might be at the time you’re searching there’s no ads available.
So again, just play around with it you’ll find tons of keywords. I know from experience someone we tried this on a different client site, I think it was last year in August, we found another seven different keywords and seven might not sound like a lot, but these keywords added up in search wanted (mumbles)three hundred searches a month. So definitely do play around with this. You’ll find tons of keywords.

Craigslist is another great source you can use to come up with additional keyword ideas you can target.

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