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How To Ensure Your Content Conveys Trust

This video will explain how you can ensure your content conveys trust.
How to ensure your content conveys trust. One of the worst things that can happen is you spend tons of time optimizing your website in the background and working really hard to get to page one, and then when you get there your phone doesn’t ring. One of the possible causes for something like this is having a website that conveys little to no trust. You really need to sell yourself online and build confidence in your potential customers and convince them as to why they should use you over another company, for example. There’s multiple ways in which you can do this. There’s three which tend to work the best, which are reviews, case studies and photos of your recent work.
These are all things which help build confidence and reassurance in potential customers, essentially proof you’re good at what you say you’re good at and that you can actually deliver on your promises as well. Video testimonials also work very well, so if you have any, I highly recommend you get them added to your website. Reviews, for example, should only be added to your homepage and your most visited pages, as these are obviously the pages which are visited the most. So if you’re scrolling down to the LevelFinish homepage, you’ll see we’ve got, “Don’t take our word for it. Check out what our customers have to say,” and we’ve got these reviews put in there, which should be on a slide, actually.
I think they update every three to five seconds. Or maybe you have to slide it. Oh, it’s just that way. So yeah, you can see I’ve got reviews on the homepage. This helps build more social proof. I wouldn’t advise putting any reviews in your blog post, for example, as like I said earlier on in this section of this course, blog posts should provide users with more informational content. So get this right and you’ll have a solid foundation to build upon. You also wanna have the other two elements ticked off as well, so that would be case studies and photos of your recent work.
Now, depending on what industry you operate in, you might be able to combine both of these into one form of social proof. So for example, for LevelFinish, a flooring contracting site, we can actually combine our case study and photos of our recent work together. So we could actually go to someone’s house, let’s say he wants a carpet installed, we could go there, take a picture of the current setup and the current carpet, rip the carpet up and then take another picture, which would be the in-progress picture, lay down the new carpet, get it all fitted, looking nice, and then take a picture of the final end product, speak to the customer and kind of get an idea of why they wanted this carpet, why they wanted carpet over hardwood floor, put it all together in a nice case study and then use that as promotional material as well.
So you could actually use these case studies, ‘cause they’re super, super powerful. You could even go out and get these printed on flyers, before and after, and then post them around people’s address in your local area. Like I said, when you see things visually it sells itself, so these three things combined are super, super powerful, and definitely make sure you include them as part of your website.

If your content does not convey trust then you’ll have a hard time converting your traffic into enquiries.

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