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The importance of fresh content

This article looks at the importance of fresh content, and how to keep your website consistent and up-to-date to stand out to Google.
Why fresh content is important
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Google’s influence

Google’s job is to serve up the best search results for people who are looking for information.

Google wants the content that it serves up to be fresh and up to date as that is typically the best type of content out there.

Google puts a lot of weight on this and actually created a segment within their algorithm specifically for fresh content.

If you can ensure your website always has fresh content then you can take advantage of this and give your website a ranking boost.

I’ve tested this multiple times over the last few years and what I’m about to share is what I call the bare minimum of what you need to do to satisfy the fresh content segment of the algorithm.

Add new content

At least once per month, you need to increase the size of your website by at least one page. You can easily do this by adding a new blog post to your site once a month for example. By adding a new blog post to your site once a month, you are clearly demonstrating to Google that you care about your website whilst also satisfying the fresh content segment in the algorithm.

Don’t neglect your website

One of the worst things you can do is create a website and then neglect it. This is actually what so many business owners do and it plays a big factor in why so many small businesses do not succeed online.

We want to avoid neglecting our sites and by publishing at least one piece of content a month, we’re going in the right direction. Coming up with tons of blog ideas you can publish every month is easy as you would have seen from the previous steps of this activity.

Update existing content

You can also consider updating existing content once a month as this is also a clear signal to Google that once again you care about your content and out of your competition, your content is the freshest and up to date, which is a double win.

Adding a new sentence, removing a sentence, changing a picture, adding a video are all actions that would be considered sufficient.

As long as you’re updating your content and thus satisfying the fresh content segment of the algorithm then you’re giving Google what it requires to be able to give your site the highest rank possible.

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