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What is Onpage SEO?

In this video, you'll discover what an onpage SEO is
What is onpage SEO? So far, we’ve already done keyword research, and we found all the best keywords for our business, so we can get the most traffic over to our websites, but also covered how to craft content, and we’ve covered the different types of content you need to have on your website. However, the algorithm can’t always determine if your content is quality, and exactly what your content is about. So what we need to do is structure the content correctly on our websites so Google’s algorithm knows exactly what our sites are about. This involves making optimizations to your website. In essence, onpage SEO refers to any change you make on your website to improve it’s visibility.
Some examples of onpage SEO optimizations would be updating the title tag on a page, changing the <h1> tag on the page and editing the meta description of a page. These are all actions you make on your website and as a result are classified as onpage optimizations. Let’s use a car as an analogy. Winning in SEO is like a car race. The other websites you’re competing with are the other cars. Your onpage SEO is the car itself. So the car’s chassis, the wheels and all that other mechanical components are basically your onpage SEO. The offpage SEO, it would be your engine.
This is why it’s so important to focus and make sure the basic functions of your vehicle are functioning correctly, as if you only have a car with one wheel, for example, that no matter what engine you have inside that car, it’s not going to go anywhere. This is why we focus so hard on doing the perfect onpage SEO as it’s literally the foundation upon what we build upon.

Onpage SEO is the foundation upon what you build on.

Get it right and you can rank with a lot less backlinks.

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