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Everything You Need To Know About Internal Links

This video covers everything you need to now about internal links
In this video, I'm going to explain to you exactly what an internal link is and show you how you can set up some internal links for your website. So firstly, what is an internal link? An internal link is simply a link from one of your pages that links to another one of your pages. The link has to be from one page to another, which are both on your website hence the name internal. Like I discussed earlier on in this course, to get to page one, you need both geo-relevance and niche relevance. By now you’ve already covered tons of geo-relevant strategies you can implement on your site, so it’s time to cover the other element, which is niche relevance.
So our main service page for the carpet installation service, and you can see it’s this page right now. You’ve probably seen it a few times throughout the course. So what we want to try and achieve is to further convince Google this page is indeed related to things to do with carpet and precisely carpet installation, as that’s the main topic of the page. The way we can do this is to find blog posts on our site, which are talking about carpet related things, and then go into these articles and add an internal link from the articles back to this main service page. So let’s do that now. So I go over to our blog.
What I wanna do is go to our category that says carpet, I’ve actually split up my blog posts by category, so it makes it super easy to pick ones that are relevant. So I go to the carpet category. I now have all my blog posts talking about things to do with carpet. So you can see, I had an article right here, is carpet good for people who suffer from asthma and dust allergies? So let’s go into this article, and you can see it’s roughly, I would say, I don’t know about 500 words long.
So what I wanna do is find a paragraph in this article where I can now add an internal link from this article back to my main carpet installation page, which will be, just to confirm, will be this page right here, so I open that in a new tab, just so it’s ready. So what I wanna do is scroll through this article now and just find somewhere where I can add a link. So here’s a paragraph where we can add a link. So it says, another study conducted by the Carpet Institute of Canada in 2008 has further supported this idea in its reports.
They conducted this research in eight different countries for 19 years and concluded that carpet installation in a room can neither cause allergies such as asthma, nor can they increase the severity of the symptoms. So what I can do if you look close here, I can actually use the word right here, carpet installation. You can see this sentence actually mentions our keyword, which is obviously carpet installation, so I can actually go into this blog post now, edit the article and add a link back to our main service page, which will be our carpet installation page. So let’s do that now.
Let’s go to edit post, for me it would be edit post and not edit page as when I build sites, I keep things very simple. I have all my blog posts as a post and all my standard pages, such as the standard page I built out as a page. So essentially all of my posts on my site will be all of my blog posts. So now I’m in the edit posts section for this article, I simply wanna scroll down and find that sentence, which is right here.
So when I highlight the text I want to be the link, which is what we call the anchor text, so the hyperlink text, once I select that, I wanna click this button up here, which says insert/edit link and then I simply wanna copy in the URL of my main carpet installation service page, go back to the blog post, paste it in and then click apply. Once you click apply you wanna scroll down or scroll up wherever, it depends how far your article is, so wherever you are in the article, you wanna scroll up to the button that says update and then simply click update.
And this will make sure the change you just added to your link has now got pushed forward through to the live site so, once you click update and next you wanna do is visit the page just to make sure the link has indeed been added, so let’s do that right now. So if you scroll down to that paragraph, you can see we do indeed have our link here, carpet installation and you can see the text has now changed color as it’s now what we call a link. So if I click this link, you will see you are now link me back to my carpet installation page. So what is this doing?
It’s just telling Google that this article, about whether carpet is good for people who suffer from allergies and dust allergies, and this is now relevant to the main page of carpet installation as it links to my page and the part that links says carpet installation. So it’s a sign to Google that this page is actually definitely talking about carpet as it has links from another page linking back to that. Hopefully that makes a little bit sense and adds a bit of clarity as to why we add internal links.
They are super powerful and as you can imagine with SEO, as you start building out links to your site and really getting into the link building campaign, over time, different pages on your site will just attract links naturally. So for example, if this page had a link go into it and we didn’t link back to our main service page, that is a kind of wasted opportunity, as you know, it’s just one link to this page and this isn’t the page that makes us money or generates phone calls, so it’s just a wasted link really.
So what we’re gonna do is add a link on this page as we’ve just done, so now, if someone does link to this page, all that link juice and all that power now gets transferred over to our main service page. So now we’ve covered a niche relevant section of interlinking. We also wanna do the same for our geo-relevant content.
So if you remember in the content section, I actually also mentioned you need to have locational based content as well, so locational based content is exactly the same thing as geo-based content, it’s just a different word a different variation, as you’ve probably realized already in this SEO world, there’s so many different variations that mean exactly the same thing of a word. So essentially just to refresh your mind, this is what I’m talking about when I say geo-relevant content. So, I just go into Google and I typed in things to do in Richmond, Virginia, and now Google has returned this, which are all things that Google understands to be relevant with Richmond.
So what I wanna do is get an article written for each one, I say each one and it all depends how many you wanna do. You could start off at five, maybe even 10, again, it all depends on the competition, if you’re in a big area, such as New York or London, you are gonna need more of these because you need more geo-relevance just to further convince to Google you are based in a city you say you are. So, what you wanna do is get an article written like this and then add it to your website.
However, you needs to bear in mind, obviously these pages won’t actually generate sales or phone calls for your business, so as a result, you don’t want them to be accessible via the menu. So, if you go on your site, you shouldn’t be able to access any of these pages from the menu, you can see home, about us, our gallery, services, nothing to find in these pages. So, these pages are on my site but they’re hidden, so, I’m gonna show you how to do that now. So, if you go to dashboard, I’ve already got one of these articles uploaded, I’m pretty sure actually that all uploaded.
So for me, as it’s a page I wanna hide, it needs to be an actual page so it can’t be a post. So, if you have a post, I’m pretty sure there’s no way to hide it from the site. So, just a little pro tip there, make sure you upload it as a actual page. So we’re going to pages, you’ll see I’ve got this one right here, Ancarrow’s Landing, if I click view the page and then I’ll go into edit just to show you how we edit the page. So essentially this is just Ancarrow’s Landing. So, it’s essentially one of the things to write about in Richmond.
So, if I did a Ctrl+F just to show you, wait for that to load, but to Ctrl+F and it and, you can see right here, Ancarrow’s, oh she’s gone, (mumbles) gone. Let’s get that back, Ancarrow’s Landing, so you can see, it’s just a site in Richmond. So what I’ve done, I’ve already generated an article about that, and if you’re not sure what to write, you can just Google Ancarrow’s Landing service site and then type in Wikipedia after, Wikipedia will describe it very well.
Obviously you can’t just copy and paste Wikipedia’s text, you need to reword it hand structure it yourself so it’s unique, just exactly what I’ve done, I’ve typed in everything I know about Ancarrow’s Landing, and then as you see at the end of the article, I’ve added a link back to our home page, so, the reason I’ve linked back to our home page and not one of our service pages as a home page is obviously our main page, which talks about Richmond in Virginia. It’s going after our main keyword, which is Flooring Contractor Richmond, Virginia.
So as a result, I’ve just written up this article and in the bottom of the article, I’ve added a link which if you click it, it will go back to LevelFinish. So, now if I have more of these articles, all going back to my home page, all from things to do in Richmond, Virginia, over time, this will help increase my geo-relevance, and it will help tell Google I am indeed based in Richmond, Virginia, as I talk about all of these things to do in Richmond, Virginia. So this helps you tons and it’s very effective.
So, do make sure you include it in your SEO strategy as well, and just to show you as well, I’m not sure I mentioned it, to hide the pages from the menu. You simply wanna go to your appearance, and then you go to menus, and what this will do, this will bring up all the options and the stuff you have in your menu. So if you see you create a page and this pops up in your menu, all you simply need to do is click the drop down arrow and then click remove and once you’ve done that, you wanna click save menu, so this will now remove that from your menu and make sure it isn’t visible.
However, like I said, as it’s on your site, Google will still be able to crawl the page, which means find the page and index it, so you still get that additional SEO benefit without affecting your conversion. So a very smart and effective thing you guys should be doing.

Internal links are SUPER powerful and should not be overlooked.

Every page on your website should have a link from another one of your pages.

Pages that have no links from other pages are called “orphan pages”. These pages are a lot harder for Google to find and thus index.

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