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How To Turn Your Website Into A Conversion Machine

Learn how to turn your website into a conversion machine
There's multiple things you can do to increase the number of conversions that come from your website. Before we get into each one, you first need to determine what is the main conversion you want to achieve? Maybe it’s to generate more phone calls from your website, or maybe it’s to generate form submissions, or maybe it’s both. Once you determine what your ultimate conversion is, you can then take steps towards ensuring your website is optimized for that specific goal. Let’s take a phone call conversion, for example, as discussed in the last video, if it takes someone more than three seconds to find your phone number, then it’s not in the right place.
You want to have your contact number visible and above the fold, this means as soon as someone lands on your site they’re able to see the phone number without even having scroll. Phone calls is actually the main conversion for Level Finish so, let’s run through exactly how to optimize a site for phone calls. So, this is the homepage for Level Finish. And, as you will see, as soon as you land on the homepage, we have our contact number here above the fold. So, as you can imagine, if someone landed on our website and they wanted to give us a call, without even having to scroll, they have all the information they need to get in touch with us.
If you look closely, we also added a little phone icon to the front of the number. This just helps it stand out a little bit better. Albeit it probably shouldn’t have this white background with the curtains at the back as the text is also white. So, we can either make all the text in a different color or just change the image at the back. So, just something it to bear in mind as well. Do bear in mind, what background image you use as it can, obviously, clash with the text a little. So, if you actually scroll down our website, you’ll see we’ve got this colored banner section here halfway through the page.
The reason why I’ve added this halfway down the page is, as you can imagine, if someone is halfway down our site and this banner wasn’t here, if they then waned to give us a call, they’d have to scroll all the way back to the top of the site and then find our phone number and then give us a call. It might sound silly, and this might sound like, you know, it’s not that much work to scroll back to the top. However, when it comes to generating conversions what you want to do is make it super, super easy for that person to get in touch. You literally want to remove all friction possible.
So, as you can see, I put request an estimate and then I’ve listed our phone number right here. So, if you scroll to the bottom, of the site it’ll be the same as well. We have our phone number at the bottom. So again, even if we’re down here, you don’t have to scroll here. You could even go straight to the bottom just to get our phone number. So, it’s all about making it as easy as possible for someone to get in touch with you. We’ve done the same for our service pages. So, if you go for our carpet page, for example, you’ll see we have the contact number at the top, which is visible.
And as you start scrolling down the page, we have another colored banner here too. If you kept on scrolling to the bottom of the page, you’ll see we have another colored banner here too as well. So, there’s literally no way someone could miss these. I mean, our conversion rates are going to be higher than a similar site that didn’t have these elements on them. It’s important to note, as well, that all these banners are the same color. What this does is more of a psychological element.
After seeing our contact number in this brownie orange color the first time, the next time a user sees this exact same color they’re subconsciously going to associate it with a means of getting in touch with us. Simple, but so effective. The worst thing we could do is change the color of the banner throughout the site, as what this does would be disrupting the whole psychological element of it. So, let’s head back to our slides, now. What we just covered is how to generate more conversions from your website in the form of a phone call. However, if phone call, isn’t your main goal, and you’d rather generate more form submissions, it’s more of the same principle.
However, instead of adding a banner with your phone number, you’d simply add a request a callback form. So, you know, you’ve got two examples right here. The first is contact us, your name, email address, company, website, and message. You can, obviously, customize these to suit your website. And on the right, we have request a callback. So a name, a company, and a telephone. They click that button, you’ll get notified then, you can call that person back. So, the one on the right is kind of still geared towards a phone call.
If you’d rather do something like this, I’d probably just put the phone number there anyway, ‘cause, you know, if someone requests a callback, you don’t actually know what time they’re going to call you. So, this might not be the most convenient. But, essentially, whether it’s a phone call, or a form submission, it’s the same process. You just optimize it a little bit different in regards to what you put on your website.

Converting the traffic your generate into enquiries is an important component of success when having a business website.

In this video, you’ll be able to see the strategies which we use at the agency to ensure we generate the most amount of enquiries possible.

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