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How To Find Out What Keywords Your Website Already Ranks For

In this article, you'll learn how to find out what keywords your website already ranks for
<v ->When it comes to keyword research,</v> there’s multiple strategies you can utilize to find additional keywords for your business. One of the best places to start is to figure out what keywords your website already appears for in the first 10 pages of Google. The beauty of this is these are keywords that Google already deemed relevant to your business. So all we need to do is compile a list of these keywords, further optimize your site a little bit better to include these keywords, and you can expect to see massive jumps up in Google.
We’ve had clients go from page nine to page one just by further optimizing the site a little bit better for keywords they didn’t even know they appeared for in the first place. To do this, you need access to the software called SEMrush. If you’re not sure what SEMrush is, it’s an SEO tool which is super powerful and provides you with tons of information that you can action upon to further increase the visibility of your website. There are a few other options when it comes to SEO tools, such as Majestic, which is used for checking backlinks.
However, Majestic has no feature for keyword research, meaning that if you use that tool, you’d have to get another tool to carry out the keyword research element. Whereas with SEMrush, it has all of the features built in. So instead of having five different tools to carry out five different tasks, you could literally just use one tool to do everything you need to do when it comes to SEO. SEO is quite complex. The more information and data you have, the better decisions you’ll be able to make, thus increasing the likelihood of you succeeding. Simply put, in this day and age, it’s no longer viable to carry out an effective SEO campaign without using any tools.
Reason being is because you won’t have any data to base your decisions on. A lack of data equals poor decision-making, which you want to avoid at all costs when it comes to carrying out SEO. SEMrush is a paid software, and the prices start from $100 per month. However, as ClickSlice is a heavy user of the tool, we’ve been in touch with SEMrush, and I’m delighted to announce that we’ve managed to secure a free 14 day trial exclusively for members of our courses, which is you. Typically, SEMrush provides new users with a free seven day trial, but we pushed them a little bit harder to ensure we got the best for learners of this course.
To take advantage of this free 14 day trial, all you need to do is go to the description below the video, and then click on this link right here, which says “free 14 day trial.” Once you click that, it’s going to redirect you to this landing page where you can sign up and get full access. If you use our link to make a purchase, or you continuing to use the software after the free 14 days, then we will receive a commission at no additional cost to you, so that helps us out, too. And to confirm, 14 days is more than enough time to action upon everything which we’re about to learn in this course.
If you do have any doubts, then what I recommend you do is you watch the course from start to finish. And then at the end of the course, sign up to SEMrush and start your 14 day trial then. Right, so once you have access to SEMrush, what you want to do is put in your domain name. So “” for example, and then click search. And what this will do is will give you a domain overview of your whole website, how many backlinks, what keywords you’re appearing for, if you’re running any paid search traffic. However, before you start looking at information, what you want to do is make sure you have the right database selected.
So as you know, LevelFinish is targeting Richmond, which is in the United States. So what I want to do is go to database and change United Kingdom to United States. If I was targeting Canada, I would obviously click Canada. So pick the right database for your website. Once you select it, all the information should reload and update. If you scroll down right here, you’ll see top organic keywords. So these are all the keywords my site currently appears for in Google in the first 10 pages. So in the left hand side, we have the keyword. So “carpet installation Richmond.” We have the position. This is the position we are in Google. So I’m currently in position 21.
There’s 10 results per page on Google, so I’m currently at the top of page three for this keyword. The next column is volume. So this is the amount of times this keyword gets searched for in Google every single month. So using this information, we can optimize our site for these keywords based on the keywords that get searched for the most. So for example, this keyword down here, it only get searched for 30 times. This is 20 times then maybe it’s not that valuable. However, I would still recommend optimized for every single keyword to make sure you get the biggest ROI out of your campaign. If you click view full report down here, this will load up the remaining keywords.
You can see all 19 keywords, and really see if there’s any room for improvement on your website. So do bear in mind, if your website is brand new, for example, you made it yesterday or last week, you won’t see that much information in SEMrush. It’s pretty good for sites that at least, I would say, one month or two months old, that we have some information and data coming through. If your site is, I would say, older than one or two months, and there’s no information coming through at all, it’s just a clear signal that your site isn’t optimized for any keywords at all.
So if you scroll down, you can see this is a chart with amount of keywords that are getting picked up from my site. So you can see over time, more and more keywords getting picked up. That is simply because I’m building more links, and I’m optimizing the site over time. So if we scroll down, we can see all 19 keywords. So this is the keyword I showed you earlier, “carpet installation” in position 21, and it gets searched for 480 times. So if you keep on scrolling down to see what keyword I’m not aware of, You’ve got this keyword here, “wood floor installation.” I’m not sure what wood floor that is. So let’s have a look.
See if you click this arrow at the right, it’ll show you what page is relevant for that keyword. Oh, okay. So it’s a hardwood page. So you can see on my website, I have this page talking about hardwood flooring installation. So again, the keyword I’m targeting is “hardwood flooring” as I thought this was the main keyword. However, from doing this process, I’ve just found out a different keyword variation is going to be “wood floor.” So what I can do now, I can optimize this page a little bit better to talk about wood flooring as well. ‘Cause at the moment, it’s all about hardwood.
Once I optimize this site a little bit better for the keyword “wood floor,” I can expect my position to go from 47 to maybe 27 or 17, whatever, it would definitely go the right direction and improve as the page will be more optimized for this keyword. So the whole idea is you kind of go through all the keywords, see what’s here, see what pages appear on your website, and then you can optimize it a little bit better for those keywords.

Typically, SEMRush provides new users with a free 7 day trial, but we pushed them a little bit harder to ensure we got the best for learners of this course. As a result, we’ve managed to secure an exclusive FREE 14 day trial.

To take advantage of the FREE 14 day trial, you simply need to visit the below URL and sign up:

Free 14 day trial

Note – If you do not intend to implement the practical elements that involve SEMRush, then you do not need to worry about signing up, feel free just to watch along, absorb all the knowledge and the processes involved.

In the next video, I’ll be walking you through a free tool you can use for Keyword research for those who are running on a tight budget or would simply like to use a free application for keyword research once their free 14 day trial has expired.

This free tool is not as powerful as SEMRush as its obviously free, however, it still provides you with plenty of keyword ideas you can use for your research process.

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