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How To Determine Keyword Difficulty

In this article, you'll learn how to determine keyword difficulty
So now that you confirmed your service and your location, it’s time to determine how difficult it is to get to page one for your keyword. So to do this, we need to analyze the websites already on page one and see what we’re up against. So you can use this free Google Chrome extension called MozBar. So to find it just simply google MozBar Google Chrome extension or I like so, and it should be the first result in Google. So this is a Google Chrome extension which essentially pulls tons of metrics in from Moz. So if you’re not sure what Moz is or you’ve seen their website, Moz is an SEO website and they offer a lot of SEO services.
However, they do actually have some free SEO tools, one of them is actually the MozBar. So to use a Chrome extension, you will need to have an account with Moz which again is free, so don’t worry about it. Just sign up for account with Moz, download the plugin and then get it active on your Google Chrome. So once you’ve got that active, what you do is go to Google and type in one of your keywords. So in this example, we will use carpet installation Richmond, Virginia, which is a service we offer and obviously the location is Richmond, Virginia, which is a city. If we scroll down, you’ll see we’ve just got the standard listings.
However, if we go back to the top and then click the Moz icon, which will be this. (mouse clicks) Click it so it turns blue. Once it turns blue it means it’s active. So what this does, it will overlay information on the organic listing. So it won’t do anything for the ads. It will only analyze the organic, which is obviously what we’re gonna be up against with the SEO. So you can see is pulled in two metrics. One is PA and one is DA. So DA stands for domain authority and PA stands for page authority. So essentially the page authority is how a formative and how powerful this certain page is. Domain authority is how powerful the overall domain is.
So as you can imagine, is a massive website so domain authority is really high 93. So just to say as well, both these numbers are out of a hundred in case you couldn’t tell from the bars already. So the higher these numbers, the harder it is to beat these guys out as they are very affirmative sites. So typically when we do keyword difficulty analysis, we like to go for websites that are below 30. So if we see any websites on page one that are below 30, it’s a very good sign to us that, hey, we can also get on page one because 30 isn’t that high to reach a tool for any of these metrics.
So you can see for Angie’s List they’ve got page authority 41, and domain authority 85. So again, quite high. So position one and two, two big authority websites. However, in position three, you’ve got this website down here called Jeters Carpet. They only have a page authority of 23 and even better a domain authority of 14. So what this means is this page is more authoritative than the overall domain so this is probably one of the most powerful pages on the site which is actually the homepage. So do bear that in mind. So in position three you’ve got a very weak site which is a good sign for me. It means we can beat these guys out very, very easily.
You can see in position four, you’ve got page authority 27 and 21. So again, very low numbers, both below 30, which is pretty good. You can see you’ve got Home Advisor next page authority 38, domain authority, very, very powerful. However, you know, just because you see a big 81, do not get intimidated. As you just saw already, you’ve got these two small websites above it. We’ve lowered domain rating actually above them. So again, they just optimize a site really well. If you keep on scrolling down, you see you’ve got a page authority 10 and domain authority 13 and if you look close, you actually see it’s actually a level finished. So we’re already on page one for this keyword.
And later on throughout the course I’ll show you exactly how we’ve got to pay you on so quick. I don’t see how you can replicate these same results for your business too. So what I’m trying to say to you here, and try to show you is as long as you see low numbers, like a 27, a 38, any number below 30, it’s a good indication that you can also be on page one. If you see numbers like 41, 50, 60, 80 big numbers, just bear in mind, you can also gets to page one, it will just take a lot longer and it will require a lot more resources as a site.
So on page one have tons of authority and tons of power. So if you want to get quick results, go for numbers under 30. If you don’t see any 30 again I would avoid.

Understanding how difficult it is to rank for a keyword is an essential part in determining how long it will take for you to rank on page 1.

The more authoritative websites you see on page 1, the longer it will take you to rank and gain some traction.

Pick your keywords carefully!

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