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Math and Science-by-Mail

Dr. Yossi Elran invites you to enrol your children and students to the Math and Science-by-Mail online clubs for kids.
So you’ve finished the course and I would like to give your children or students the opportunity to learn recreational math or popular science in the Davidson Institute’s online clubs for children in grades 4 to 6. These courses, Math and Science-by-Mail have been running with great success for years. They cost a minimal fee of 60$ a year which goes solely towards running the program. Kids who enrol to this online experience become part of an international community of kids who love math and science and learn from Weizmann’s leading scientists many fun, thought-provoking topics in math or science such as the intriguing world of bats, mathematical black holes, card magic and math and much more.
The course is run on a special website, Participants enter the site with their username and password that they will receive after enrolling. g. In the safe, internet course environment they will be able to read and solve online booklets about topics recreational math and popular science. They are full of fun, interactive science or math activities accompanied by colorful characters that help them along the way. The platform also enables the kids to chat with our team and other participants in a 24-7 forum, download weekly challenging worksheets, learn from our educational videos and online video sessions, upload their own work and feel part of our unique community. Professional scientists and mathematicians write the booklets.
A new booklet will appear on the site every 2 months. So, if you want your kids or students to become critical thinkers creative individuals an inspiring scientists, then Math and Science by Mail are 2 courses your kids should join. Join me and my fellow scientists and mathematicians on this wonderful experience. Follow the link below to learn more about the programs and to register, and above all, help me share the love of math and science with the younger generation!

Math and Science-by-Mail used to be two of the most popular recreational math and popular science online clubs for kids ages 10-12, run by the Davidson Institute of Science Education.

These programs are unfortunately unavailable, as we are looking at some new, innovative ways to accomplish this important mission – online!

Some of you might just be “stuck at home” these days. For you, we have put up a special section in our website: Stuck at home.

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Maths Puzzles: Cryptarithms, Symbologies and Secret Codes

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