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Gratitude Defined

How do gratitude and happiness work together for wellness? In this article, we will work to include this important step in well-being.
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Gratitude means being thankful or appreciating someone or something. It is both a feeling and a state of being. Gratitude has been shown to be a powerful mental practice that can promote well-being, happiness, and resilience.

Effects of Gratitude

Research demonstrates that expressing gratitude has powerful effects on well-being.

Emotions Gratitude is related to psychological well-being including higher levels of happiness, self-esteem, and positive emotions.

Relationships Gratitude has social benefits. People who are grateful tend to have larger social networks and more social support. Gratitude can also improve the quality of our relationship.

Physical Health Gratitude is has been shown to improve overall physical health, including reducing blood pressure, improving sleep, and reducing symptoms of depression.

Taking Action for Well-Being

It is important to note that sometimes if we are feeling sad, upset, or angry, it is more difficult to think of what we are thankful for. This is okay. Just take some time, notice where you are, and see if you can think of one small thing you are thankful for. If you can’t think of anything, that’s okay, too.

As we heard from both Dr Lyubomirsky and Shawn Achor, we have the capacity to improve our well-being through our actions! We can take action across mental, physical, and social contributors to well-being in our lives.

Simply scanning our environment to find three new things we are grateful for each day for 21 days can help us become more optimistic!


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