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Covid-19: The catalyst for a fundamental shift in work dress culture

It has been hard to predict the impact the pandemic will have on the way people will dress in the office but comfort will be a determining factor.

It has been hard to predict the impact the pandemic will have on the way people will dress in the office but comfort will be a determining factor.

With so much uncertainty, Trend- analysts and Industry experts are looking to the past to predict consumer behavior post-pandemic. Referencing the freedom and decadence that emerged in the 1920’s post-war, forecasters are predicting similar patterns of behavior in social settings, what remains uncertain is how Zoom wear will influence office wear. Following a surge in casual fashion purchases and the rise of the track pants as seen on Instagram and TikTok, if hair trends say anything, it’s that we will absorb some of our online pandemic wardrobe into our post-pandemic office wear, the difference is we’ll be combining health and disco.

People’s desire to travel, socialize, hang outdoors and feel free, will see lines relax, combining soft and sharp tailoring. We are going to see fun, humor, pops of color, sequin details, and a bit of playful lame and lurex looks, as seen on the catwalk, combined with season-less pieces and a greater focus on projecting good health. Consumers will find that brands have already made this shift and offering collections that are refined and comfortable in playful colors and silhouettes that will allow for the easy transition from office to outdoors.

Most evident will be the decline of the formal suit and tie for men. Given its steady fall from grace, thanks to pirate politicians and vulpine bankers, men will have a less formal appearance, a trend already visible pre-pandemic. Spencer X Smith, founder of social media strategy company AmpliPhi, says he has what he calls a Zoom shirt. “It’s a long-sleeve button-up in medium blue and shows up well on camera,” he says. “I really enjoy these shirts and they dress up or down well. They’re not cheap but definitely worth it.” For men who are stuck or uncertain of what to wear in the office, I think spending a bit more on a well-cut shirt in a color that complements your complexion will create the right impression in the office.

Health and well-being have become a priority Grooming will make a big comeback as we indulge in our physicality again. The beauty industry has seen a surge in the consumption of skincare products. According to Mintel’s Head of Beauty and Personal Care, Roshida Khanom, “In this COVID age, consumers are seeking physical and mental wellness, and facial skincare has benefited from the wellbeing benefits of following a beauty routine. The significant rise in face wash and facial toner usage, in particular, may well be impacted by a greater focus on health and hygiene during the pandemic.

Regardless of where you are in the world, it is predicted that there will be a wave of optimism that will be expressed in our dress that we will be taking into the office. And choosing the right colors will help boost a healthy glow.

People are getting more conscious of their facial skincare. Check the link below to understand skin care trends in the United Kingdom.

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