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The Gathering

Yossi Elran tells us about the Gathering for Gardner
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Martin Gardner’s work influenced so many people, that any attempt to introduce recreational mathematicians that are alive today would do injustice to many others. However, there is a place and time where many contemporary recreational mathematicians meet and exchange ideas. In fact, they do so, in honour of Martin Gardner himself.

These meetings are known as ‘Gatherings for Gardner’, and take place once every two years in Atlanta, Georgia. I just returned from the 13th gathering, G4G13 for short. Indeed, the meetings resemble something out of Harry Potter! Mathematicians, magicians and puzzlists from all over the world, join forces and learn from each other old and new tricks.

The press has written about these gatherings and you can learn more from the organisation’s website.
This youtube video will give a much better feel of what it’s all about.

This is an additional video, hosted on YouTube.

One of G4G’s objectives is outreach, involving the general public in the kind of activities that inspired Martin Gardner. This course is my contribution to this effort. Another outreach activity are the Celebrations of Mind, held worldwide usually close to Martin Gardner’s birthday on October 21st, although some are held on other dates. There might be one coming up near you! I urge you to attend – it’s a lot of fun.


By now, you have seen a broader view of the recreational math landscape. What topic, so far, ‘caught your eye’?

© Davidson Institute of Science Education, Weizmann Institute of Science
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