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The Art Of Making Meaningful Connections, Chapter Resources

AllBright. Sisterhood Works. Chapter Resources. Read and enjoy our curated list of additional learning.
AllBright, Sisterhood Works: Susan McPherson, Founder and CEO McPherson Strategies
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This activity is here for those that wish to delve deeper, beyond the course outline.

If this chapter has captured your attention, then be sure to read on for our additional course resources. This is not considered to be part of the course, it’s simply an offering for those who wish to continue learning and exploring the topic of ‘Making Meaningful Connections.’ If that sounds like you, then download this chapter’s resources and enjoy our curated edit of relevant information.

Download and use digitally or print out if preferred.

Congratulations! You’ve completed your second week of study, alongside Susan Mcpherson in ‘The Art Of Making Meaningful Connections.’

By now, you’ve learnt the importance of making meaningful connections and how to create your own gatherings to nourish your network. So, why not share your progress with us on Instagram? Use the hashtag #sisterhoodworks to share your stories of sisterhood.

As you continue to move through our course, we wanted to take a moment to congratulate you for getting this far and encourage you to keep moving ahead. If you have enjoyed Susan’s chapter, we cannot wait for you to get started on Chapter Three; ‘Resource Rich Networks’ with your coach, Lauren Maillian.

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Keep going with the next section course. We know you can do it!

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Sisterhood Works: How to Build a More Meaningful Network

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