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Formal Greetings : At the office

Thai formal vocabulary and pronunciation. Learn, discover and study the Thai language and culture of Thailand. Watch Madam Rosenun Chesof explain more
Sawatdii kha dicȟan cĥʉʉ Vani kha dicȟan mii nad kab khun Piyanut kha. (Hello, my name is Vani. I have an appointment with Ms. Piyanut.) Sawatdii kha chəən ńang k̀ɔɔn na kha. (Hello, Please have a seat.) Dai kha, khɔɔb khun kha. (Alright, thank you.)
Khun Piyanut ĥai kĥao phob ĺɛɛo kha. Chəən thaang ńii kha. (Ms. Piyanut is ready for you now. Please follow me.) Khɔɔb khun kha. (Thank you.)
P̂huu jad kaan kha, n̂ii khun Vani kha. (Manager, this is Ms. Vani) Sawaidii kha khun Piyanut di-čhan maa taam thii d̂ai nad ẃai kha. (Hello, Khun Piyanut I have come as the appointment) Kha kha chəən n̂ang kha. (Please have a seat) Khɔɔb khun kha. (Thank you.)

When you greet someone who you meet for the first time, stand near a person and say “Sawatdii”. Express happiness to see a person. Ask a question or begin a conversation.

Useful Phrases based on the conversation:

Yin dii t̂hii d̂ai ŕuu-jak kha
(Pleased to meet you)

khɔɔb khun
(Thank you)

To say thank you, men and women have different ways. Let’s see the difference below :

  1. Men say: ‘khɔɔb khun khrab’
  2. Women say: ‘khɔɔb khun kha’

Greeting when you’re first meet:

Basically, you greet him/her and introduce yourself. For example:

Vani : Sawatdii kha, di chan chʉʉ Vani kha. Yin dii t̂hii d̂ai ŕuu jak kha

(Hello, My name is Vani. Nice to meet you)

Piyanut : Sawatdii kha, di chan chʉʉ Piyanut kha. Yin dii t̂hii d̂ai ŕuu jak chen kan kha

(Hello, My name is Piyanut. Nice to meet you too)

The situation on this video is a sample of formal greetings that you can apply to use in different contexts. Mainly, when you have to introduce yourself to people that you have never met before.

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