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Developing your volunteering

Continuing your development as a volunteer or STEM Ambassador on the program
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In the previous course for the ExpertTrack, on planning activities, you started to complete a personal development template and will have used two self-audit tasks to help you reflect on your progress so far. In this step we look at how this course supports your running of STEM activities, and prompt you to think about what you want to develop specifically over the next few weeks.

In the first course we looked at resources available to support practical activities and introduced you to diversity and being an inclusive volunteer. The second course helped you link your practical activity to the curriculum, working with educators and planning for a successful activity. This course is designed to improve your communication with young people and how to successfully run an activity session. The final course will guide you in gathering and using feedback to improve.

Program Map: 1. Resources - Start thinking about your activity. Find a resource (there are plenty available). Adapt if necessary. 2. Plan - It worked for someone else, but you’ll need to plan to make it a successful activity for your group. 3. Deliver - this course - Run the activity, communicate effectively with young people and keep them engaged. 4. Review - Use feedback from young people and educators to improve the activity and your volunteering.

Review your development goals

Earlier in the ExpertTrack you will have downloaded the Development Goals and Course Reflection Log. You’ll use this document again for this course. If you need a new copy, here are the links:
  1. Review how you’ve ranked the ‘personal/professional development goals’ list from 1 to 7 in order of the areas you would most like to develop. 1 being the most important to you, 7 the least important to you. Do you wish to change your development focus?
  2. Thinking about the ‘other outcomes’, you identified the two which resonate most closely with your motivation for volunteering. Would you change any of those now, or add new ones?
You will submit your Development Goals and Course Reflection Log as part of your peer assessed portfolio at the end of the ExpertTrack, so keep them safe and updated.


In the comments below, share your development focus for this course, along with any unanswered questions from previous courses you hope to address.
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Volunteering in the Classroom: Communication Skills for STEM Volunteers

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