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Your next steps as a volunteer

Watch Zoe summarising weeks 1 and 2 of the course.
And what you need to think about before enduring the delivery of a STEM ambassador or other volunteering activity with young people. Do take a moment to complete a self-audit task if you’ve not already done so. Our ultimate aim is to help you inspire young people to enjoy studying STEM subjects, have positive STEM experiences and to consider a career in STEM. You’ve explored how using appropriate verbal and nonverbal communication is so critical when delivering effective activities to young people. By incorporating skillful starts and finishes to activities, you can enhance a positive experience for young people and yourself. Reflecting on your knowledge and experience is an important part of improving your communication skills.
Contributes to your overall volunteering experience and improves the engagement and inspiration in young people. If you’re based in the UK, we encourage you to find out more about the STEM Ambassador program. And the additional range of support available to you from your local STEM Ambassador hub. We hope you’ve enjoyed the program, and have renewed enthusiasm to continue with your STEM volunteering activities.

Over the past two weeks, we’ve examined aspects of how you communicate with young people and what you need to think about before and during the delivery of a STEM Ambassador or other voluntary activity with young people.

Our ultimate aim is to help you inspire young people to continue to enjoy studying STEM subjects, have positive STEM experiences and to consider careers in STEM.

If you are in the UK, and are not already a STEM Ambassador, do please consider registering as a STEM Ambassador. You will need to create an account click the box entitled ‘STEM Ambassador volunteer’.

Program Map: 1. Resources - Start thinking about your activity. Find a resource (there are plenty available). Adapt if necessary. 2. Plan - It worked for someone else, but youâll need to plan to make it a successful activity for your group. 3. Deliver - the next course - Run the activity, communicate effectively with young people and keep them engaged. 4. Review - the next course - Use feedback from young people and educators to improve the activity and your volunteering.

We realise that many of you will be involved in volunteering activities at different times, and it may be several weeks before you have a chance to try out your communication skills with young people.

The next course in the ExpertTrack focuses on gathering feedback about your STEM activity and how to use it to improve your volunteering. It is recommended to look at the content in the next course before you deliver your activity with young people as you will be completing the final part of your activity planning document.

Course Reflection Log

The Course Reflection Log forms part of your ExpertTrack Portfolio. You will have been adding to this during the ExpertTrack.
Based upon your comments in the course and your self-audit task, complete the sections in the Course Reflection Log for this course. Identify:
  • What was new to you.
  • How your volunteering practice or understanding changed.
  • How this will influence you in the future.

Remember that the ExpertTrack Portfolio will be peer-assessed. Refer to the criteria for the portfolio assessment [PDF] as you complete each part.

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