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Researching definitions

Definitions of marketing vary widely
© Coventry University. CC BY-NC 4.0 Image © Fauxels from Pexels

During the first activity, you will have noticed that definitions of marketing vary widely and include a range of concepts such as advertising, sales, customer service and many more.

The definition of marketing has also changed over time (we will look at this in more detail in the next activity). Here’s one of the earliest:

To the producer, it is the manner in which the product is disposed of, the way in which it is distributed for him – often with his cooperation – thru the various channels of trade.
(Johnson et al., 1918, p. 19)
In the next part of this short course, we’ll examine whether (and to what extent) this 100-year-old definition holds true.

Your task

To get started, research at least three modern definitions of marketing, such as the one from the American Marketing Association. We’ll discuss these in the next step.


Johnson, J. F., Falkner, R. P., Greendlinger, L., & Hurd, C. W. (1918). Marketing and merchandising. Alexander Hamilton Institute.

© Coventry University. CC BY-NC 4.0 Image © Fauxels from Pexels
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