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Wrapping up Week 5

Wrapping up Week 5
Throughout the course we have tackled many issues like what are the characteristics of a good university teacher or mentor. How to show professional behaviour in a higher education working environment. How to facilitate a small group teaching session. How to adequately support staff and students. And how to deal with challenges in students’ representation, roles and much more. We hope that you now can feel more confident, and better equipped to take up your role as a student assistant or other function in a higher education institution. Like the Vice Chancellor of the University of Groningen and stated in week one students are fresh blood for the organisation and can help a lot.
Furthermore, we are convinced that being involved as a student in the organisation of your higher education Institute will better prepare you for the 21st century labour market. We wish you all the best. Lots of success.

This step marks the end of the course.

Ine, Klaas, Robbert and all the student assistants would like to thank you for your contributions. We hope you have enjoyed the course. You should now be able to:

  • Behave professionally in a higher education working environment,
  • Give a well-founded opinion of what is a good university teacher and mentor,
  • Identify the basic principles for designing a course,
  • Specify the aspects of how to teach a small group session in an interactive way while paying attention to classroom management and atmosphere,
  • Recognise constructive written feedback on assignments,
  • Provide adequate support to staff and students in a higher education environment,
  • Recognise challenges of students participating in governing bodies.

If you are a student of the University of Groningen and you would like to pursue a job as a student assistant, find out how on the website of Career Services. If not, perhaps you can find out more about student assistantships at an equivalent website of your own institution.

If you found the examples inspiring, have a look at the University of Groningen study program to become a student or even a student assistant at our excellent university. Specifically, if you would like to know more about teaching, check out the University of Groningen teacher education programme. Lastly, please share this course with people in your network who might be interested and have them stay tuned for the next run of this course.

Please help us in letting the course reach a wider audience by rating it on a MOOC aggregator such as Class central or MOOC-list.

We would like to wish you the very best and good luck!

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