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What happens next?

What happens next?
So this week, we’ve seen how Egypt managed to survive again. This time, the battle of Megiddo with Thutmose the third. They managed to defeat this coalition of city-states. What’s interesting is those city-states probably had the backing of another great superpower, the Mitannians based in northern Syria. There were other superpowers who were also keen on getting their hands on those resources in Syria Palestine. We’re going to see how the Egyptians face up to the Mitannians in next week’s content. In particular, we’ll see how they converse with each other through the Amarna letters.

This week we have followed the fortunes of a new, invigorated Egypt. We have seen how they successfully campaigned into Syria-Palestine to defeat a coalition of city states.

This expansionism, however, has awoken a greater enemy in the shape of Mittani, a superpower in its own right. What do you think will be the outcome of this rivalry? Will answers be found in diplomacy or will Egypt and Mittani resort to the battlefield to sort out their territorial differences? And if war is on the horizon, who do you think will triumph and why?

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Superpowers of the Ancient World: the Near East

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